You this decision get any harder?” Judaism, Islam,

You are standing in front of three doors; contemplating which one to choose. The mere thought of knowing that the door you’ll choose will lead you to the life you will live is something eerie for you to comprehend. Judaism, Islam, and Spiritism are three very significant religions that you have a tie too. Each religion is amazing in its own way without exception. You stop and think to yourself, “Can this decision get any harder?”  Judaism, Islam, and Spiritism all have similarities, but their customs and their beliefs make them different in a unique way.Your first door is Judaism. Judaism is one of the primeval, monotheistic religion which originated somewhere around 1900 BCE contrived with the covenant between Abraham and God. In this covenant between God and Abraham, God promised to give his descendants the land known as the Exodus 450 years later. The Exodus was one of the most important covenants in where Moses had led all the Jewish people out of slavery from Egypt to Israel “the holy land.” God gave Moses the Torah on Mount Sinai which contained the ten commandments along with other precedents for every Jew to live by. This marked the beginning of  Judaism as a methodized religion. In exchange for all the values and exceptional things God has done for the Jews; the Jewish people promised to keep God’s law as well as try to bring every aspect of holiness in their lives. They do this by praying at synagogues under spiritual leaders called rabbis, having a personal relationship with God, and having faith to God. By doing so, you can insure a life in Heaven. Many Jewish customs were brought into the lives of the Jewish people and their households. A Shabbat meal every Friday, celebrating major holidays (Passover, Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, etc.) and having a bar/bat mitzvah when you reach adulthood (around age 12-13) are few of the many Jewish customs. Not only are there customs but there are some taboos to this religion for instance, jews can’t eat pork, can’t drink milk and eat meat together, can’t get tattoos, can’t wed a non-Jew unless they convert to the Jewish religion, etc. Hebrew is their sacred language spoken by many of its followers. A fact not known by many, including Jews, Judaism is number twelve on the top fifty religions practiced throughout the world with a number of fourteen million people following the religion. How is this so you might ask? Well, in 130 A.D the Romans took over the city of Jerusalem killing every last Jew causing an outrage recognized as the Jewish Diaspora. During the Jewish Diaspora, the Jews were under the influence of forced migration which caused a large quantity of them to go out into neighboring countries. In where they became refugees in fear of being persecuted if they re-entered Israel. Judaism is an ethnic religion also known as an implication of it being passed on from generation to generation to this day, therefore it causes spreading by relocation diffusion as well. This religion has a global impact today. The Israelis believe that Israel is their country and always has been since it was given by God while the Palestinians beg to differ. This argument has become a major deal in the eyes of the whole world including the United States Bureau hopefully trying to figure out a solution to this problem. Judaism isn’t the only path to take, there is Islam and Spiritism which have multiple rare customs and a different background for each; which can be portrayed with a different perspective. The only thing stopping you are the other two doors. Which will it be? Islam or Spiritualism? Islam began during the 7th century in Mecca, becoming the world’s third major monotheistic religion with a number of 1.3 billion people who practice this religion today. It all starts on Mount Hira where the archangel known as Gabriel emerges to the prophet Muhammed sitting all by himself in the cave. Grasping his throat commanding to repeat God’s words. ” In the name of thy Lord who created, Created man from a clot of blood.” Muhammad firstly revealed his experience to his wife and his close companions only, but later on as more and more prophecies came to him he set out telling the whole world. The hearth of Islam started in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and diffused contagiously through Muhammad and his followers throughout the Middle East, Africa, etc. Later on, Muslim armies had conquered some land for Muslims which caused Islam to then diffuse by relocation diffusion. In Mecca, the Meccans were furious about Muhammad and his followers because they had so much popularity with the religion due to contagious diffusion as well. Scared for his safety, being persecuted, abused, tortured and even harassed, this forced Muhammad and his followers to migrate from Mecca to Ethiopia and Medina. This was known as the Hijrah or “Flight.” This thoroughly planned migration was not only an important breach in history but the beginning of the Islamic era as we know it to be. This was a new way of life for Muhammad and all Muslims. They learned that blood relationship did not make them close to one another, it was their brotherhood of Muslims that made them who they are. The death of the prophet led to a major split of the religion due to not knowing who the next “leader to be” is. The Sunnis’ believe that Muhammad’s trusted, loyal, friend and adviser Abu Bakr is the rightful leader of the Muslims rather than the prophet’s son-in-law, Ali who was chosen by Allah (God) to be next in line according to the Shia’s. This split led to each group’s own unique customs, traditions, and beliefs. It’s a custom for the Muslim women to cover up their skin and to wear Hijabs and a tradition for all muslims to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life. Sunni’s focus mostly on the power of Allah in the physical world, while the Shias’ believe in the reward towards the afterlife and the significant celebration of the martyrdom. All Muslims speak Arabic, pray at Mosques, and follow the holy book called the Quran. Some of their taboos include eating pork, the consumption of alcohol, sex if it takes places between unmarried men and women and creating depictions of the prophet Muhammed. It has come to a point where a group of people today who call themselves ISIS believe that their interpretation of Islam is the right one and the only one and that all Muslims, both Shias’ and Sunnis’, and everyone else who believes in other religion except the one ISIS interprets should die or be forced into believing in what they believe in.  After seeing what’s behind the second door you are closer to finding your destiny, but what’s behind the third door?Your final door is Spiritism. In the 19th century The Spirits’ Book was published in France. The book was written by French educator named Leon Denizard Rivail or most commonly known as Allan Kardec. This book talks about the very existence of God, destiny, spiritual laws and the relationship between the spirits and material world. Inspired by the unexplainable and bizarre phenomena happening all over Europe and North America, Kardec wanted to explain and find the answers to these questions. The questions about communication with dead souls, the afterlife, etc. His book was a complete success in Europe and captivated many followers. This religion goes more towards the idea about the moral transformation of mankind. After the death of Kardec, Spiritism was accepted by many educated people in Europe and the United States. It was used as a logical justification of reality. Catholicism was losing popularity throughout South America and the government was not opposed to the idea of Spiritism. The country was still under the category of LDC (lower developed countries), which made people unaware of scientific discoveries and made Spiritism a reality. The works of commited preaches have managed to lay stable fundations which allowed Spiritism to survive and thrive until today diffusing hierarchically. In Brazil more than 4 million people have officially called themselves “Kardecist Spiritists” making Brazil the greatest Spiritist country in the world. Weighing in with 15 million people practicing this religion. Spiritists believe that spirits perfect themselves to gradual reincarnation; there is a god over everything and everyone. Spiritists plan regular meetings usually on evenings two to three times a week to practice the religion and have lectures. Today, bunch of ghost hunters now try to connect with many spirits of dead people. Many people who call themselves Mediums and many Youtubers use this sort of idea to get views and entertain their followers. Sometimes people manipulate the society into thinking they are experienced with this sort of “witchery” to get money from them as well. You have come to the end and all that is left to do is choose, but all three have ties to you and each other. The real question is which are they? Judaism, Islam, and Spiritism are monotheistic religions that believe in one God, an afterlife, and the fact that whatever you do or who you are in this world affects where you will be placed in the next life. They all trust that if you choose the right path and bring kindness and care for one another, you will be able to prosper. Like I have told you before, they will always be unique in a distinctive way. Those ways can be carried out differently. Judaism has the Hebrew language read in their holy book called the Torah, Islam has the Arabic language read in the Quran, and Spiritism as no specific language or “book” since it it based off of everything in your heart. Every religion has a hearth which is very important to their practice, but their location makes them unique in different way without exception. The hearth of Judaism started out in Israel, the hearth of Islam which started in Mecca (Saudi Arabia) and finally the hearth of Spiritism which initiated in France. They all have a tie to you and now your decision has to be made.You finally have come to a point in your life where you are ready to decide which door to choose. Each option seems meticulously delightful. Filled with different customs, traditions, and culture yet similar in many ways. You close your eyes and you turn your head; you open your eyes and you see another door. The door says fate. Will you let fate decide where you are going to go?