One also by most average middle-class families. Science

One of the great contributions of modern science is that it has made our life easy, comfortable, luxurious and least burdensome. All kinds of manual works are being replaced by machines or computer controlled machinery.

Today work is a matter of pressing buttons and controlling the whole process from air-conditioned rooms. Science has not only made our life easy but has also profoundly improved our standard of living. Shabbily built wooden houses are being replaced by well-furnished modern flats.

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The usual household chores such as, sweeping, washing, cleaning, cooking, etc., are no longer time consuming endeavours, Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, micro-ovens, cars, PCs , TVs, VCRs, digital receivers, air coolers, air condition facilities, etc., are not only possessed by the rich, but also by most average middle-class families. Science has brought in tremendous improvements in people’s standard of living.

Another major contribution of science has been in the field of health and medical care. Once upon a time hundreds perished as a result of incurable diseases and ailments. Today except for few diseases such as, Cancer and Aids, everything else is curable.

Ours is an age of heart transplants, brain operations, pinhole surgeries and test-tube babies. Science has also revolutionised the fields of agriculture and food production. H.Y.V. seeds (High yielding varieties), better pesticides and excellent fertilizers developed by the scientists have increased our food production and brought green revolution in our country.

Science has also changed the very face of our travel and communication. Travel was once upon a time dreaded upon. Today it is a pleasure. Today it is faster, comfortable and luxurious. Communication has taken a leap.

Distance is no longer a barrier. Television and Internet have made our world a small place to live in. Events taking place thousands of miles away can be watched live sitting in our living rooms. Today one need not cross borders to watch International matches and ‘World Cups’.

They are available at doorstep at the click of a switch. The blessings of modern science are also clearly visible in the fields of industry, power generation, space exploration, defence, entertainment, trade, etc.

Huge machineries, nuclear power stations, supercomputers, remote-controlled fighter planes, supersonic jets, mighty ships, sharp radars, long-range missiles, rockets, satellites, space shuttles, etc. are the products of modern science.

Thus, we can say that science has totally changed the very face of our existence. It has not merely improved but revolutionised our style of living, working, travel, communication, medical care, industries, agriculture and our entire economy.

Our present-day civilization is indeed a gift of the modern science. However, this same science can be used for the destruction and end of mankind. It is a great tool in our hands which can be twisted to suit us or to harm us. It all depends on how we use it.