I a great desire to see her

I had heard so much about her. Everyone considered her a ‘living saint’ and’ ‘an angel in human face’. I had a great desire to see her in person. I could hardly sleep that night. I was going to see one of the most famous personalities of our century.

She was the only person in the world for whom Presidents, Prime Ministers and Kings waited in reverence. She could walk into White House or the 10th Drowning Street in London freely. All these thoughts filled me as I went to bed. Somehow the night dragged on and I could hardly wait for the morning.

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Next morning at about 7.50 a.m. We reached Mother Teresa’s Headquarters, and waited for her for some time in the parlour. All of a sudden Mother entered the room. We all stood up in reverence. She was barefooted. She looked worn out and tired. Her face and forehead were full of wrinkles.

She was small in stature and stooped a bit. She wore a white sari with blue fringes. She spoke slowly but spoke with zeal. I guess that she must have been over seventy. Yet she had a lively spirit. I was very fortunate. She stood just in front of me and all of a sudden she placed her right hand upon my head.

I felt like a flash of lightning passing through my entire body. I felt a shiver. I just looked at her and knew that she was saying a prayer for me. I was so taken up with her touch that I didn’t hear well-what she said to us.

But one line struck me which even today reverberates in my mind. “Little children, God live in you. Never let Him down in your life”. These words continue to echo and re­echo in my mind even after many years.

She then led us to the chapel and asked us to pray for the world, the sick and the poor. Finally, she gave us a small picture card on which she had already signed and exhorted us to be good students who care for others. Her simple words and simplicity impressed us all. We all felt that we had seen a ‘holy woman’ and ‘an angel in flesh’. It was, so far, the most memorable event in my life.