Write an Essay on a Football Match

The match began exactly at 4.00 p.m. as scheduled. Don Bosco school team won the toss and chose the western half, while St. John’s school team took the eastern side of the field. Soon the referee took his position and blew the whistle.

The match commenced with the St. John’s school team’s centre-forward kicking the ball to his right-wing partner. From the very start of the game, the Don Bosco school team took the offensive but the back of the opponents defended their side firmly. Twice or thrice the Don Bosco team managed to penetrate deep into the opponent’s area but was thwarted in their attempt.

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The St. John’s school team splendidly defended their position and warded off all the opponent’s attempts. As the Don Bosco school team rushed in, the spectators cheered and shouted with delight. The stiff resistance and the superb defence put up by St. John’s School team made the show most spectacular and exciting. Both the teams appeared to be equally strong and good.

Then, all of a sudden St. John’s school captain got the ball. He rushed in towards the opponents’ goal post. As he neared the goal post, he was surrounded from all sides. The crowd was excited.

Their loud shouts filled the stadium. In a second, the captain passed the ball to his left wing that shot it straight into goal post with ease and grace. The crowd jumped up from their seat with delight.

Immediately the captain of Don Bosco school team gathered his team for a minute and encouraged them not to give up but to fight back. As the game recommenced after the first goal, the Don Bosco team took the lead.

They were determined to give back. They rushed in to the opponents’ area and within minutes they were able to score a goal. It was an excellent shot by the centre-forward and was most unexpected. The entire stadium roared with shouts and cheers. No one had expected that the kick would turn into a goal. Little later, the referee blew the whistle for the half time.

The interval lasted for five minutes. When the game resumed, both sides appeared to be determined to get better off the other. In the second half, the Don Bosco school team dominated the show. The ball was mostly in their hands. They got several excellent opportunities for striking. But the goalkeeper of St. John’s team warded it off by his superb defence.

Besides, the backs of St. John’s team put up a well- coordinated defence. All of Don Bosco school team’s attempt to strike ended in vain. Finally, the match ended in a draw. The students of the respective schools rushed in to the field to congratulate their team-mates for their splendid performance.

The excellent team spirit shown by St. John’s school team, as well as their cool performances and brave defences won the hearts of the spectators. The Don Bosco school team, too, put up a fine show.

Their sportsmanship, determination and teamwork were applauded by one and all. It was one of the interesting, lively and exciting football matches I witnessed in the recent past. The memory of that lively match is still fresh in my mind, even though it occurred several years ago.