Christians meals. Another interesting aspect of Christmas is

Christians believe that Jesus Christ was born in a manger at Bethlehem in Israel about two thousand years ago. That event is remembered on this day. Christians make Christmas cribs in resemblance of Bethlehem manger and adorn it with decorated Christmas trees, lighted lamps and stars.

A significant aspect of Christmas is the greetings and wishes which are sent to friends, relatives and well-wishers. Christmas cards have become so universal that today men of all religion and caste send them to their friends and relatives. No other festival can claim such a trend. Thus, it is a festival for all the people of the world. On this day people exchange greetings and share meals.

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Another interesting aspect of Christmas is “Christmas Papa” and “Christmas Carols”. Both have become an integral part of the present day Christmas celebrations, though both have little religious significance. On this day children believe that a kind old man named Christmas Papa roams around in the dead of night and places choicest gifts near them while they sleep. Therefore, children long eagerly for the arrival of this festival.

Equally note-worthy is the Christmas carols which accompany this festival. A Christmas festival without Christmas carols is incomplete. Days before the actual Christmas, people particularly, the youth go around visiting homes, singing Christmas carols. These songs relate to the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. Thus, the Christmas week has all the splendour of a festival- music, dance, lights, games, common meals, parties, etc.

Christmas is, thus, a festival of joy. It is characterised by sharing of meals with friends and dear ones. It binds people. In a world beset with communalism, racism and war this festival can heal wounds, bring people together and establish a world of peace and harmony. That is why, many people like this feast and that is the reason why Christmas is my favourite festival.