Why disease, eating food which contain the protein

Why Go Gluten-Free?

it presents an exciting new adventure, changing your diet can be daunting.

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Especially if you are doing it in twos. A team is only as strong as it’s
united, so before you embark on the gluten-free journey, it is always a good
idea to get informed just so that you are both on the same page. That way, when
one of you (or both of you) gets the food blues, you can always count on your
research to raise morale. With that in mind, a brief history of the gluten-free
diet and its many benefits follows.

diets were originally created in order to fight the condition called Celiac Disease. If a person suffers
from this disease, eating food which contain the protein gluten – found in
wheat, barley, and rye – causes damage to their small intestine. This means
that they cannot properly absorb the nutrients in their food, which can further
cause malnutrition, osteoporosis, infertility, and even cancer. Other people
suffer from non-celiac gluten sensitivities or are simply allergic to wheat.

recent years, the gluten-free diet has grown beyond the function of a medical
necessity into a proper nutritional and lifestyle choice. The movement has
become so popular that it has started a fascinating debate within our public
sphere about our health and nutrition. Many media outlets have referred to the
gluten-free diet as the latest food fad.

And if your reasons to take it up are to impress all your friends at the next
Game Night, I say, Go for it! No
shame in wanting to be different. However, going gluten-free also means gaining
many health benefits; it means looking and feeling better:

stomachs cannot fully digest wheat, and the parts that do not get processed
leave behind a type of gas which can make you feel bloated and uncomfortable.

An excellent reason to drop gluten in case you both feel like those pants are
getting a little too tight!

wheat has been industrially processed, it actually has very little nutritional
value, so you won’t miss it – and removing it from your diet leaves much more
room for fruits and vegetables.

you also made a joint pledge to cut down on the booze? Two birds with one stone
alert: Some types of alcohol – beers, ales, lagers, and stouts – contain gluten
as well.

your Vitamin Game: the traces of phytic
acid found in wheat make it much harder for your body to absorb key
minerals such as iron and zinc.


Tips to help you both stay on the wagon:


ü  Look for foods that
are gluten-free on their own. Just make some
quinoa. Much easier than trying to make a gluten-free dish from scratch.

ü  Add different
nutrients to your diet. When you drop wheat,
this likely means dropping fibers. Make sure that you increase other food
groups, such as fruits and veggies. Also, use your newfound vitamin power and
eat more greens and fish for that iron.

ü  Make you own flour mix.

Of course, you can always buy special batches of gluten-free flour, but then
that’s the only one you have. Each gluten-free recipe tends to recommend
different types of flour substitutes, and this can get expensive! Use my Flour
Formula to create a gluten-free flour for every occasion.

ü  Experiment.

This is a big lifestyle change and it can be scary, but don’t take it as a
sacrifice. Think of all the exciting food adventures that Gluten Freedom will
take you on and just have fun with it.


if none of the above work, keep your willpower strong by thinking of all the
amazing recipes out there that are simply too delicious to skip!

Gluten-Free Flour Formula: Make Your Own

One Of The Greatest Challenges When Creating Your First
Gluten-Free Masterpieces Is Finding The Right Flour. You Can Always Buy The
Substitutes Which Are Recommended In The Recipes, Allowing You To Try Out All
The Different Types And Flavors, Although This Can Be Wasteful And Sometimes
Expensive. This Is Why I Created This Flour Formula. Make Your Own Special
Flour Mixture In Advance And Just Stick It In The Pantry For All Those Times
When You Don’t Feel Like Running To The Store For Another Substitute.

 Now that you have all of your information, you
are more than ready to get started with your exciting and challenging
gluten-free journey. Bon appétit!