A atomic energy. Section 5 provides that

A substance obtained by a mere admixture resulting only in the aggregation of the properties of the components thereof or a process for producing such substance;

The mere arrangement or re-arrangement or duplication of known devices each functioning independently of one another in a known way;

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A method or process of testing applicable during the process of manufacture for rendering the machine, apparatus or other equipment more efficient or for the improvement or restoration of the existing machine, apparatus or other equipment or for the improvement or control of manufacture; a method of agriculture or horticulture;

Any process for the medicinal, surgical, curative, prophylactic or other treatment of human beings or any process for a similar treatment of animals or plants to render them free of disease or to increase their economic value or that of their products.

Plants and animals in whole or any part thereof other than micro­organisms but including seeds, varieties and species and essentially biological processes for production or propagation of plants and animals.

A mathematical or business method or a computer program per or algorithms a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work or any other aesthetic creation whatsoever including cinematographic works and television productions a mere scheme or rule or method of performing mental act or method of playing game a presentation of information

Topography of integrated circuits an invention which in effect, is traditional knowledge or which is an aggregation or duplication of known properties of traditionally known component or components an invention relating to atomic energy.

Section 5 provides that in the case of inventions; claiming stances intended for use, or capable of being used, as food or as or drug, or relating to substances prepared or produced by chemical processes (including alloys, optical glass, semi-conductors and metallic compounds) no patent shall be granted in respect of claims for the substances themselves, but claims for the methods or processes of manufacture shall be patentable.