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Usually people who love wine prefer white or red. Although both of them are produced by grape, there are several differences between those two noble beverages. According to a number of researchers, red wine contains elements good for heart; therefore, red wine is more helpful for health due to its capability to prevent heart diseases and protect arteries from damage.

Comparing the features of white and red wines, we can notice that both of them have a number of good qualities which make them attractive to people. Thus, white wine has crisp, fruity flavor and aroma, while red one has a richer flavor. Obviously, variety of colors is caused by the use of different grapes. Red wine is made from black and dark red grapes. Due to the different raw materials, and especially components from the skin of grapes, white and red wines differ in tannins that cause the color and flavor of red wines.

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Health benefits of red wines are the major argument of those people who like red more than white. Although red wine helps preventing heart diseases and protecting arteries due to its antioxidants, white wine contains fewer calories. However, their level can vary according to the concrete wine. French people have less level of heart diseases due to their habit of drinking a glass of red wine every day. The strongest antioxidants contained in red wine such as reservatrol make it healthier than white one.

Reservatrol prevents the damage of blood vessels and the blood clots that are very dangerous for live. Taking into account the caloric content, we can say that both types have almost the same per cent. However, mostly, white wine contains fewer ratios of calories than red wine. Nevertheless, this characteristic does not provide the serious arguments in support of white wine. Besides, white wine is more acidic and more dangerous for the teeth.

In culinary, red wine is more popular than white one. There are docents of recipes of cooking with red wine. As it had been mentioned before, red wine has stronger flavor and aroma. As cooks want to make their dish more intensive and to enhance its taste, aroma and color, they usually use red wine as a marinade, cooking liquid or additional ingredient to a finished dish.

For instance, this type of wine tastes good with meat, while white is used with fish. Red wine paints a sauce to the purple color and brings the special taste. However, it is difficult to state upon one assertion due to the different tastes of people and hundreds of methods and recopies. Thereby, a good cook can use any kind of wine, trying to create a new taste of the dishes.

White and red wines are very different due to the materials of production. Red wine is healthier and helps preventing heart diseases and protecting arteries from damage. Due to the intensive color and aroma, red wine is more popular in culinary. However, many people prefer white wine because of its taste.

The level of calories in the both types is almost the same. In any situation, it is important to remember that both red and white wines have the same effect on the human body and mind. Therefore, in is necessary to control the use of wine, limiting it to one glass per day.