While on the other hand, provides an equal

While exploring
both the Mormon and Baptist websites, I found a lot of information on both congregations
regarding who they are and what they believe in just by investigating their websites.  While investigating their sites I realized, both
the Mormon and Baptist congregations are using their web sites to not only
provide information for current followers but to also convert new
followers.  The Mormon congregation
provides more information for their current members, such as donation groups, Scripture
and study techniques, missionary broadcasts, and resources available.  On the other hand, they provide a small amount
of information for new followers.  The Mormon
congregation provides information for new followers on what their congregation
believes in, how the congregation is helping, upcoming events, and also how to
find a congregation near you.   

The Baptist congregation, on the other hand, provides an equal amount
of information for both current followers, and new followers. When you first
log on to the website, the congregation gives you a chance to sign up for their
newsletter, whether you’re
a follower or just doing research.  You
also get a chance to learn about the congregation, their mission, what they
believe in, their history, facts about the congregation, news events and their
take, ways to get involved and give back, and all the resources available.

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 After exploring both
websites, the Mormon website provided more information about the doctrine and
teachings while the Baptist website provided more information on the history
and facts of the congregation.  I learned
all about the Mormon church, or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and
how it focuses its doctrine and teaching on Jesus Christ.  Mormons believe that Jesus Christ was the Son
of God and that he lived a perfect life. 
to the newsroom, “Mormonism
describes the doctrines of the congregatio that were restored to the earth
through the Prophet Joseph Smith. When asked what Mormonism is, members of the
Church will often speak of their love of the Savior Jesus Christ. To them, the
Savior is central to Mormonism. (“American
Baptist Churches USA,” n.d.). 

On the other hand, the Baptist website provided information on the history
and facts of the church.  The Baptist church
is a missional congregation that nurtures devoted disciples of Jesus Christ who
live their lives in order to serve and heal the world through the love of God.  According to the church, there are
1.3-million members and over about 5,000 congregations of
American Baptist Churches around the world (“American
Baptist Churches USA,” n.d.).  Overall, the Baptists
church believes that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, and that the Bible is God
word and should be taken serious in terms of how to serve and that serves and
live out the Christian faith.

I also got to learn about both Mormon and
Baptist congregations and their take on society and current events in the
world.  The Mormon church discusses it
commentaries and the purpose of them. 
The purpose of commentaries is
to provide in depth conversations about the Church, while also explaining the
teachings, practices, and interactions within society. These official
commentaries are available not just for members of the society, but also for journalists,
academics, opinion leaders, and those who are interested in joining.  For example, the church discusses Unity in
Diversity.  The church discusses whether
or not a church be unified and diverse at the same time.  According to the Mormon church, in a global
world like the one we live in, diversity allows people to exchange ideas and
culture easier than ever (“The Church of Jesus Christ,”

The Baptist congregation, on the other hand, provides
commentaries on the situation going on in Puerto Rico right now.  According to the article, “ABHMS Staff Visit Puerto Rico, Plan for Phase
II of Recovery Effort,” Dr.
Jeffrey Haggray, executive director of American Baptist Home Mission Societies, and fellow staff members, flew out
to Puerto Rico.  They traveled with eight
suitcases full, of more than 400 pounds of batteries in order to assist in the disaster-relief efforts following hurricanes Irma and
Maria.  The fact that they are getting
involved and discussing plans for the island’s recovery is amazing.

Besides the commentaries made about society and
current events, I also got to learn about the many services provided by both
congregations.  Resources Associated with
The Mormon Church include institutes and educational assistance.  Institutes are designed for young single
adults ages 18 to 30.  Young adults who
participate in institutes increase their commitment to the Savior as they have
spiritual experiences focused in the scriptures. Institute provides young
adults with an opportunity to find answers that are relevant to their life, while
learning from and sharing with others who are in similar

The Educational assistance on the other hand
provides educational opportunities to help Church members throughout the world.  The Purpose of the Church Educational System
is to help followers become true disciples of Jesus Christ.  This is done by teaching Jesus Christ’s gospel and help embed it deep in their hearts. The Church Educational
System helps Church members become lifelong learners, deepen their
spirituality, and enlarge their knowledge and understanding of all truth (“The Church of Jesus Christ,” n.p.).  Overall both churches provide services that
benefit their followers.

The many services provided by both
congregations alone show what kind of a congregation both the Mormon and Baptist
church are, and prove both of their mission statements are in fact true.  The mission of the Mormon church is, to help meet the challenges of this life and to help follow Jesus Christ,
so that they will be worthy of the temporal and spiritual blessings God wants
for them.  Members of The Mormon Church believe
that through Jesus Christ all can achieve eternal life in God’s
kingdom.  The Mormon church also believe that
we lived with God as spirits before we were born, and that to His plan for us
is to receive physical bodies in order to learn and grow.  

The mission of the Baptist church is to
become devoted
disciples of Jesus Christ who live their lives in mission and ministry for the
healing of the world through the love of God. 
American Baptists are ethnically diverse people called to radical
personal discipleship in Christ Jesus. They have a commitment to Jesus Christ
of nurturing authentic relationships with one another; building healthy
churches, transforming communities, our nations and our world, engaging every
member in hands-on ministry, and speaking the prophetic word in love.

While learning about the many services
provided by both the Mormon and Baptist congregations, I realized that both the
Mormon church and Baptist churches are conservative.  I realized the Mormon church is conservative
because of their views on the environment. 
They believe the state of the human soul and the environment are interlocked,
with each moving and shaping the other. On the other hand, I realized the
Baptist church was conservative because of their view on Puerto Rico.  Instead of pushing the situation on the
government they took actions into their own hands and flew members of the
congregation out to Puerto Rico to be hands on. 
Both support the fact that in order to make a difference in the environment
we must all single handedly take action.

Finally, I checked both religious sites and
read multiple current events on political topics.  There is a current political topic about the
hurricane in Puerto Rico on both the Mormon and Baptist church websites.  The most urgent need after the major
Hurricane that hit Puerto Rico has been communication because the hurricane
destroyed the power. Other items such as shelter, water and food are needed, however
there has been little success in sharing the needs.  Both the Mormon and Baptist churches have
actually sent teams to support those in Puerto Rico.  All in all, exploring both the Mormon and Baptist
websites I realize they have different views yet are still very similar and
informative.  I discovered information on
both congregations regarding the point of their website, the purpose of both congregations,
their views on major current events, services and organizations provided, their
mission, and conservative views on major political topics.  Both the Mormon and Baptist churches are
using their web sites to provide information for current and new