What life expectancy at birth is averagely 76

What is the population of China?The population of China is 1,378.7 Billion.What is the percentage of the population below the poverty line?Poverty line in China is to be making $1.90 in American dollars. 3.3% of the population is under the poverty line, making less than 400$ US.What are the birth rates?12.3 births/1,000 populationWhat are the infant mortality rates?Their infant mortality rates are 12 deaths/1,000 live births.What is the life expectancy at birth?Their life expectancy at birth is averagely 76 years.What is the Gross Domestic Product per Capita?GPD is $23.12 trillion as of 2017. $16,600 per Capita.What is their public debt?China’s public debt is 18.6% of GDP. 2and external debt?$1.649 trillion is the external debt which China holds. Two other interesting facts about ChinaThe national anthem is “Yiyongjun Jinxingqu” (The March of the Volunteers).52.2% of the Chinese population is unaffiliated with religion, and the largest religion is Buddhism. Would your country be considered an impoverished nation? Why or why not? Give at least two reasons why or why not. Use information from your work to prove your point.China is considered to be an impoverished nation because although only 3.3% of the total population is below the poverty line, that is still 42,900,000 people. China may be considered one of the richer countries of Asia, there is a large gap between where the wealth is hold. The top 1% of the population holds 80-90% of all the wealth making a large gap between those who are living in poverty, the middle class, and the top percentage. On top of this, China has large amounts of debt, and it is increasing over the years. The regions in which are close to the sea also produce the most GPD leaving other inner regions of the country poor, and undeveloped. 3 How can rich nations help poor nations find sustainable ways to keep themselves out of poverty.Rich nations can help poor nations find sustainable ways to keep themselves out of poverty, by actually finding out what the country is in need of, rather than trying to help by providing them with things that are unnecessary. If we found out what the poor were in need of, we could assist. Abolishing debt. Having wealth circle more in these countries, rather than allowing top one percent to keep wealth for themselves. Build Housing in these areas, so people have a safe place to live. Better education systems, allowing people to learn, and thrive. How can you as an individual help those countries that are in poverty.As an individual, we can help those in poverty, by raising money and awareness of these countries.Taking action and helping to build houses, assisting when there is disasters, etc. Actually going forward in the future and try to fight for change in gov’ts to help those around us. 4In 5-8 sentences (at least) explain how a Christian response (as seen in Economic justice for all) to poverty can help bring your chosen nation out of poverty or prevent it from slipping into poverty. (Depending on your situation) You can also tie in concepts such as: option for the poor, solidarity, subsidiarity, fair trade not aid etc.In the Christian viewpoint, we are all seen as people of God, who should be treated fairly, and have all the same rights. With the principle of solidarity that Christians follow, we are all members of one human family, having equal human dignity. That being, we as Christians respond to poverty by doing all that is we can to help those in need. We focus on the common good of us all as a human family, rather than one’s personal desires. When it comes to the option for the poor, we must do all that we can to support them, and it is our responsibility to do justice on their behalf. We live a simpler life to provide for those around us. We raise money when we can, and we pray for those less fortunate than us. We must remove laws and things that hurt the poor around us, and support nations as they are in through poverty.