Where shall be excluded. The decision of the

Where any discretionary power is by or under this Act given to Controller, he shall not exercise that power adversely to the” applicant for registration of a design without (if so required within the prescribed time by the applicant) giving the applicant an opportunity of being heard.

The Controller may, in any case of doubt or difficulty arising in the administration of any of the provisions of this Act, apply to the Central

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Government for directions in the matter the Controller may refuse to register a design of which the use would, in his opinion, be contrary to public order or morality. An appeal shall lie to the Appellate Board from an order of the Controller under this section.

Where an appeal is declared by this Act to lie from the Controller to the High Court, the appeal shall be made within three months of the date of the order passed by the Controller. In calculating the staid period of three months, the time (if any) occupied in granting a copy of the order appealed against shall be excluded.

The decision of the High Court shall be final. The High Court may make rules consistent with this Act as to the conduct and procedure of all proceedings under this Act before it.