We recently completed a project in class about

 We recently completed a project in class about major agriculture inventions and
breakthroughs. I had to choose the top three that i thought were most important, and i chose the
milking machine, refrigerated railroad car, and the cotton gin for assorted reasons. Some of these
reasons include availability, and others the economy. No matter the reasoning, these are all
important inventions that contributed to ag we know today.
I chose the milking machine as one of the most important for a few reasons. Without it we
wouldn’t have many of our favorite foods as available as they are now. Milk is a very important
ingredient in many different foods such as pastries, hot dogs, and bread. Milk also has many
much needed nutrients, and vitamins. Milk as a whole (no pun intended) is simply extremely
For my second invention, i chose the refrigerated railcar. What good is an efficient milking
machine with no way to transport it? The refrigerated railcar is what it sounds like; a refrigerated
railcar. This agriculture breakthrough has allowed more people to have acess to parishable food
items such as milk, meat, and eggs. Without this invention, we wouldnt have many of the foods
available to us at all.
Last but not least, i chose the cotton gin. Thanks to Eli Whitney, we have a more productive
way to make, sell, and wear clothing. The cotton gin takes a lot less energy than manpower, so
this invention saves time, anergy, and money. Speaking of money, the cotton gin boosted the
souths economy majorly in the south by turning cotton into a cash crop. Without the cotton gin,
clothing would be more expensive and less available.
In conclusion, all of these inventions are majorly contributive in their own ways. Wether its
about food availability or helping the economy, these all are important. Without these, a lot of
your favorite things may not be available or be too expensive. We are very lucky to have had
these inventions thought of and followed through with. Without them, what we know today would
be very different.