Introduction to collaborate with different trash pickers


Wasteland is an interactive documentary that tries to explain the transformational role of art in our society. In this case, it explains the importance of nature in changing people’s lives. The movie takes us to the world’s largest dumb site that is located on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. While there, Muniz photographs a lot of catadores who end up as important characters in the movie (Muniz 6).

Most of these catadores are people who have dedicated their lives to picking recyclable materials from the dumpsite. These people are able to reinvent themselves as inspiring characters from the way they recreate photographic images. This means that they are able to recreate their images from garbage which helps us to understand their despair mostly as they try to reinvent their lives. It should be known that the most renowned alchemy of human beings is well explained by this documentary.

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Vik Muniz is very insightful from the way he interacts with different trash pickers. This is based on the fact that the movie has been able to combine visual beauty with social awareness which is something that many people have ignored as time goes by. This is a very good documentary where Muniz is able to collaborate with different trash pickers for a transformative cause and initiative (Muniz 4). As far as the thesis review is concerned, the documentary has been able to achieve a good fusion from the unexpectedly huge landfill.

There has been an argument that the documentary is just an excuse for people to investigate the lives and activities of people who are involved in the collection of trash from different dumpsites. The society can not imagine that trash pickers are amazing people yet this is a fact.

Notably, trash pickers live on the fringes of a highly polarized society which should be evaluated for long term sustainability (Muniz 14). Documentarians have been able to capture the true picture of different men and women from the dumpsite through interviews. In this case, the documentary is trying to show that these people are striving to make a living from very deplorable and unimaginable circumstances.

Main Points

The main point from this movie is the fact that people are striving to maintain hope and personal dignity from unimaginable places in our society. This means that the vigor with which they have approached life can make an individual live his or her life fully (Muniz 9). In this case, it is based on their vibrancy and vitality that is very insightful and inspiring.

There are tricky and ethical issues in the documentary that revolve around balancing the lives of trash pickers because there is room for capsizing and exploitation. The collective effort of trash pickers is seen from the way they are able to form a political association that will be able to fight for their wellbeing. The documentary can make an individual examine his life which inspires people to live better.


This is a very insightful documentary because it shows us that people who are in difficult circumstances can still be able to accomplish great and unimaginable things. In this case, it is quite obvious that if certain people are given a chance, they can excel and be successful. It should be known that this wonderful documentary is able to find beauty in unexpected places.

We should care deeply about each other to make the world a better place because there is power in collectiveness. The transformative nature of art has been well explored. In fact, this is something that can be seen around us from different dimensions and perspectives (Muniz 17). The whole process is very amazing and inspiring which helps us to understand people’s creativity.

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