Was before expanding into new territory. They had

it a good decision to expand the business to Cairo? What are the implications
of information Systems?



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The decision to expand in Cairo was good after
their successful market penetration in Alexandria. They had in-hand experience
of what all things needed to be considered before expanding into new territory.
They had done in-depth market research.   


The implications: 


The dependence on the upcoming technology and
trends in information system helped them in reducing cost and making their
operation cost effective and efficient by the use of the tools and technology
they had incorporated. The result of using upcoming technology helped them in
cost cutting and they could use the money to maintain quality and focus more on
customer satisfaction. People also found those services affordable and made
their business sustained and flourished. 




you think that Mashaweer will be able to accomplish their future strategy and
sustain its market share?


Answer: Mashaweer will surely be able to succeed in its future plans and
sustain its market share because of the following reasons:


1. The various strategies of the company like
Mashaweer market will turn out to be a success story because of the various
resources that the company has like 130 motorcycles and 10 cars which will
easily enable the orders to be delivered within 30 minutes. PDA and GPS
technologies adopted were a few added advantages.


2.  Mashaweer’s strategy of owning a call center and creating revenue generation
for the company in the future is also achievable. They already had an in house
capability of call center and did not go for outsourcing which ensured a strong
reliability and trust factor. Thus involving other companies in the call center
business can easily be acquired through marketing campaigns.


3. The company aimed at geographical expansion
which was easy to work upon. As the company started few franchises in other
regions such as Beirut and Lebanon, it showed the expansion capability that the
company held. Also being one of its own kinds, Mashaweer had tremendous
opportunities of expansion.





Do you think in near future, the competition between Mashaweer and Wassaly will
be aggressive? Why?



Mashaweer is the only company of its kind in Egypt to be operating on such a
large scale. Wassaly is a small firm in Cairo and is limited to Cairo only.


Thus, Wassaly cannot give much competition to Mashaweer
at least in near future because of the following factors:


• Being the owner of the IT Company, it has an
edge over Wassaly.


• Mashaweer has the Database of thousands of
loyal clients.


• Self-investment is manageable for the case
of Mashaweer.


• Their riders are highly qualified and
carefully selected.


• The large scale and reach of Mashweer makes
it very difficult for Wassaly or any other competitor to be any threat for them
because of the barriers to entry.