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Zachary Warzecka

Rhetorical Journal 3

Superman and Me – Sherman Alexie

article is a personal story of Sherman Alexie about learning to read when he
was young. He grew up as an Indian boy who was passionate about everything has
words inspired by his father. He became a writer later and taught his
experiences to help young Native Americans avoid social stereotype that Native
Americans are stupid.  Alexie started off
his story by telling his feeling when he first used a “Superman” comic book to
learn how to read some very first words in his life. The ways he learned to
read were guessing the meaning of captions based on what pictures said, and
then creating his own dialogues. As an Indian boy, he didn’t have any
opportunities to enter the proper educational environment that white people
had. He inspired himself to in education and tried to find as many resources as
he could to obtain his goal. He even read his father’s weird collection of
novels and found them interesting to digest. He read everything since he knew
that the key to success was an education. Growing up on a Native American
Reservation was not someone’s failure at all. Alexie was early aware of this
stereotype enough to become an exception of the rule and he wanted other people
who were in the same situation to be released out of the blocked door like him,
that’s why he went to some reservations to speak on reading, writing, and

reading Sherman Alexie’s “Superman and Me”, one thing I realized from this
article was to never let yourself feel satisfied with what you have already
achieved and you should fight for what you deserve to have, don’t let people
determine your future. Alexie was a pioneer, a perfect example of a person who
never accepts things that have bad influences in his life. If you can turn bad
things in your life into the motivation, you will see the positive changes
around you that you never expect.