VISUAL India organized retail contributes to about



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Indian retail industry is one of the largest growing
industry in Indian economy. The retail industry in India has undergone a major
transformation in recent years with a shift towards organized retailing.
Retailing in India accounts to about 10% of GDP and 8% of employment. India is
fifth largest retail destination in the world. In India organized retail
contributes to about 8% of total retail trade. Since 2000 Indian retail
industry is registering a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 7.45 %. In
western countries visual merchandising is of prime focus in selling the
product. In India as the concept of organized retailing increases visual
merchandising has gained its importance. In current competitive market
retailers are facing so much of competition and they find it difficult to
differentiate their product offerings. In such case visual merchandising is a
tool to differentiate the products in cut-throat competition. In today’s information
world consumers are very much aware of global trends and they expect the same
kind of environment in the retail outlets. Visual merchandising is the tool to
enhance the aesthetics of the store and it promises good experience to the
customers from store front to inside the store. Visual merchandising is used by
retailers for engaging and inspiring customers. Visual merchandising is both
art and science of displaying products in an attractive manner to increase
sales. visual merchandising helps in upsurge of brand image and store image.

: visual merchandising, brand image, store image










Visual merchandising is one of the major tool in
retail industry. When retail industry is flooded with so much of identical
merchandise, VM is the tool used to differentiate the product to enable sales.
Visual merchandising is arrangement of merchandise in a neat, synchronized and
attractive manner to encourage sales. Visual merchandising helps a brand to
differentiate from its competitors. Visual merchandising helps to create brand
loyalty. Visual merchandising not only helps to differentiate the product alone
but also one store from another. Visual merchandising can also be described as
presentation of store and its merchandise in a unique manner to attract sales.
Visual merchandising helps to display the image of the store which the store
wants to reflect. In toy store visual merchandising is used to create demand by
its strategic displays. Visual merchandising helps in increasing sales per
square feet.

Visual merchandising helps to increase the
aesthetics of product and store with intent to increase sales. Retailer’s
greatest asset is stock. Stocks should be properly displayed to enable
customers to buy the product. Designer’s job is to design an attractive product
to the customer as in case of apparel retail. Visual merchandising through its
planogram and strategic display helps the products to be displayed in an appealing
manner to attract sales.  Due to
emergence of malls, hypermarkets and changing trends visual merchandising is
becoming popular nowadays. The retailers of malls change window displays every
week due to gushing crowd in the weekend. The new generation retailers start to
understand the necessary of visual merchandising and started incorporating in
their stores. Visual merchandising helps the products to get neatly occupied in
commercial space. Signage and graphics inside the store provides information to
the customers and motivates customers to buy the product. In-store graphics
inside the store provides information to the customer about seasonal displays.







Visual merchandising, the growing technique is
important in retail industry for the following reasons

Visual merchandising is
used to attract customers and engage customers inside the store to make
potential purchase

Visual merchandising
helps to increase sales per square feet. If sales per square feet is increased
profit margin of the store is also increased

It creates a lasting
first impression to the customers. Visual merchandising helps the passerby to
enter the eat store through its neat exterior atmosphere. Neat and appealing
entrance, parking lot and unique window display motivates passerby to enter the
store and ultimately converting into customers.

Eg: In apparel
and textile shops window display plays a major role for a passerby to decide
which store to enter.

Seasonal displays helps
to showcase the new arrivals in the store which gives customers idea about
items sold in the store.

Visual merchandising
elements like music, lighting and good aroma helps the customers to stay more
time inside the store and ultimately leading to impulse purchase.

Discount offers for
certain products are highlighted through proper and informative display.

Visual merchandising
creates awareness about the product and increases brand loyalty.

Visual merchandising
gives customers a good brand experience.

Eg: A new
cosmetic product can vitrine its product through colorful displays, beautiful
signages and edgy models to attract youths. A good brand experience enables
customers to purchase the product in future.

Visual merchandising
conveys customer value of the product displayed, its brand image and concept of
the display.

Good visual
merchandising eliminates time wastage for customers by providing proper
information, direction through signage and graphics. It also helps customer to
stay more time inside the store through attractive display, pleasant
environment and brings repeat customers to the store.


the cut throat competition retailers are finding difficult to differentiate
their product offering from one another. Retailers are finding difficult to
inspire and engage the customers. Customer engagement process starts even
before customer enter the store so it is imperative for the retailers to
convert walkers into stoppers and ultimately into customers. Visual
merchandising techniques are used by the retailers to set their store
distinctive from competition. Repeat purchase by the customers happen only when
the customer’s first experience is a memorable one. It is always said that
“First Impression is Best Impression”. Visual merchandising creates a lasting
first impression in the minds of the customer. Visual merchandising is used to
display product in such a way that its unique selling proportion is clearly
displayed. Visual merchandising is helpful in attracting new customers to the
store and makes old customers feel good about the place where they are doing
shopping. Visual merchandising techniques result in impulse purchase by the
customer. A well designed store with pleasant environment makes the customer
stay more time inside the store. If customer stays more time inside the store
more purchase will be made. Visual merchandising makes shopping easy and
enjoyable to the customers. Visual merchandising is used to convert onlookers
into buyers. Visual merchandising helps customers to easily locate the product
eliminating the time wastage. Visual merchandising techniques help to increase
the sale of unsought goods. Visual merchandising is used for space planning by
the retailer. Introducing technology in visual merchandising is going to take
shopping in India to next higher level.


Visual merchandising is developed well in western
countries. Visual merchandising in India is still at the nascent stage. Only
big cities started using visual merchandising in India. Increasing number of
organized retail outlets, change in consumption pattern, increased consumer
expectation, more access to global brands by customers, emergence of malls and
hypermarkets, developing infrastructure, more number of youth population, dual
income in households increasing the consumption power are the reason for
retailer’s interest in visual merchandising. In small retail outlets visual
merchandising is all about window display. Understanding of visual
merchandising by small retailers is still low in India.

 The entry of
MNC in India has taken retail to higher levels. India is a country where people
give more importance to food and clothing which leads to many number of shop
keepers. Visual merchandising is an important element in merchandise planning,
store planning, store display, in-store branding and promotions. Global trends
of visual merchandising do impact the Indian retail market which can be
understood by presentations and importance to visual merchandising in malls and
hypermarkets. Due to FDI in India, India is now flooded with so much of
identical international products and it becomes imperative for the Indian
retailers to implement visual merchandising for differentiating the brands.
Good retail design and visual merchandising brings customer loyalty to the
store. In India apparels, textiles, food sector and fashion outlets are well
developed in visual merchandising but other products are on their way. Consumers
shopping behavior and lifestyle are changing, retailers should satisfy consumer
expectations, Rather than simply implementing western ideas in Indian market. Food
and beverage industry in India triggers customer emotions to buy the product
through wonderful display and activate senses through good aroma. In most of
the departmental and super stores in India food sector is placed at the
entrance of the store which simulate shopper senses to buy the product. It
triggers the hunger of the customers and creates need to buy the product.
Visual merchandising provides customer a superior shopping experience. Many
consumer behavior studies have proved that a well-designed store with show
window, attractive colors and display do affect consumer buying behavior in a
positive manner.


fashion retail limited is one of the India’s leading retail outlet
headquartered in Mumbai pantaloons fashion store is always a trendsetter for
how fashion is followed internationally.

 Fig shows how neatly merchandise is arranged
with good color combination in a pantaloons store.

Fig: Neat and
inviting entrance at pantaloons fashion store Durgapur

Fig : Banner at
the entrance and sticker at the window display clearly provides information to
the customer about discount of the store.



Adidas is a
German multinational company operating in India in products like footwear,
sports equipment and sportswear.

Fig showing
Adidas spring blade shoe display at retail outlet

Figure shows
beautifully arranged point of purchase display at an adidas retail outlet. The
table display beautifully highlights the blades of shoe and represents forward
energy for running. Showcase displays complementary colored running shoes sat
on the top of clear plastic stand.


      Visual merchandising is required to
portray the brand image and store image. It helps in organizing the store and
makes the shopping experience convenient and peasant. Visual merchandising not
only helps the customers alone, it also helps salesman to perform the sales
activity efficiently and provide better service to the customers. Visual
merchandising helps customers to get the product information and it also
satisfies the recreational factors by providing enjoyable shopping experience.