Until Revival II process. Stevie Ray managed to

Until then present Stevie Ray Vaughan with Texas Flood album (1983), which sold over half a million pieces. He grabbed the attention and appreciation of the readers of Guitar Player Magazine, they chose Stevie Ray as “Best New Talent” and “Best Electric Blues Guitar Player.” While albumya itself won the title of “Best Guitar Album”. This is all the beginning of a second Blues Revival II process. Stevie Ray managed to blend elements of blues and rock in a way that has never been done by people before. He absorbs all the sources of blues that are considered good, ranging from the game Albert King, Freddie King, BB King, Muddie Waters, Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, to the figure of less attention, Lonie Mack. He also listened to Johnny Guitar Wetson, even jazz musician Kenny Burrel. Then all of this is articulated in its distinctive game. Classical blues songs such as Marry Had A Little Lamb, first performed by Buddy Guy in the early 60s, or even the Texas Flood song which belongs to his group Fenton Robbinson first sung in the mid 50’s, are just a few samples of the song classical blues that became fresh “new” songs when played back by Stevie Ray, and even made many people think of the song as Stevie Ray’s song. The contact of Stevie Ray’s next album, Could not Stand The Weather (1984) Soul To Soul (1985), Live Allive (1986), In Step (1989), Family Style (1990) with a grammy event making blues music back ogled people and the recording industry.  With elements of rocknya, Stevie Ray Vaughan attracted a new generation of blues enthusiasts, especially young people who like the dynamic music. And this appeal is further emphasized because (unfortunately) with the tragic death of Stevie Ray in 1990. Stevie Ray is of concern to the wider community, because of the news of his death, his works are re-released, even the hidden works of the record company which has not been and could have been considered unfit for release, was finally released.