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Nice treatment is a back to back practice between individual or among groups of people. Human beings are termed as social beings naturally. Interactions occur in various ways. That can be formally or informally. Of course the formal way would entail treatment in job places, meetings and so forth. Informal interactions could include the interaction that exists among people who are related or could be by default in the societal requirements.

Characteristics of Nice Treatment

Treating people nicely is more of a behavioral aspect. That is to say that, when one does not exhibit good behavior, it is evident that the expectations too will be wanting. The attitude exhibited during interaction can also describe ones character. This shows whether you are a nice person or a bad person in terms of socializing. It is always good to treat people nicely.

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his mostly applies in every aspect of life. That is at home, in work place, in church and in various places that involves the aspect of interaction by people. It is very important to treat people well because that is what you also expect from them. Their attitude to you is reciprocated from what you do to them.

Treating people well entails, being loyal, patient, thoughtful, kind and respectful about others. This is the same as being considerate on others. Human beings are unique. Every person has got a different character. Although there are standards by which people interact, one should realize that every person has strength and a weakness even if one is not right try out and be positive as to cheer him or her up and at the same time you explain the correction.

Always wear a smile on your face during conversations. When someone smiles at you, it is important to smile back. One should always be courteous when addressing people. This is by saying, please, thank you and welcome. One should avoid high ego. Always remember that you are not better than anyone. This helps in practicing humility hence other people will take it positively. One key thing is to listen to your colleagues or other people carefully. Good listening is one of the key ways in implementing effective communication.

Benefits of Treating People Nicely

One benefit of treating people nicely is exhibited in the “ethic of reciprocity”. This shows that when one treats others nicely, he or she will also be treated nicely. People remain the most appreciable resource in business matters. Employees too need to be treated well. These two measures would result in the business doing well, while on the employees’ part, production and profitability would increase tremendously.

Treating people well also contributes to a mutual relationship between individuals. This relationship is aided by the fact that one appreciates what the other party has done and reciprocates the same to that partner. It does not mean that the service has to be the same. One can appreciate one party through a different mode. The only effect that should be felt by the other person is a sense of dignity.

I believe in “Karma” Concept

This is a belief that originated from the Asian countries specifically India. This was way back in the past. It is a concept that has been thought to be similar to fate which is not the case. It is imagined that human beings act out of free will hence fate cannot be related to Karma’s concept. Karma is described as an act or a deed.

This principle is accepted worldwide and it exhibits cause and effect. It can also be described as reactions and actions that direct life. Some people would say “what goes around comes around”. This is true in determining how individuals treat one another in work place or in the society at large.


When you are treated well definitely you will do the same. This also applies to awful treatments. Those who treat people badly are also treated badly. This is majorly defines by character. At time, people’s character influences their actions. Their actions would bring them required reaction or effects. Therefore, it is true to say that, what goes around comes around