To knowledge of the technological advancement behind

To most people, the concept of a car that requires
no driver is viewed as futuristic, but as people gain more knowledge of the
technological advancement behind this, more and more people are adapting to and
beginning to trust this product.  With these type of things, it takes
time. We grow to trust the notion of other businesses perhaps the bank you’ve
associated yourself with or the newspaper you read every day. As the world
becomes more technological we become less reliant on people and more reliant on
automation we see this with many large companies including Mercedes-Benz,
Toyota, BMW, Audi, and Google currently investing resources to develop a safe
and reliable version of an autonomous car. Although critics claim otherwise
self- driving cars are a great advancement to our society.    


    To understand how an
autonomous car brings a person to their destination safely one has to consider
what goes into the car to make them function. The car is entirely controlled by
computers, which include video cameras and radar sensors which are used to
detect traffic lights, read road signs, and keep track of other vehicles. With
these tools it looks out for pedestrians and other complications. Some cars
even “throw out electromagnetic waves in the form of radio waves and laser
beams, and also emit sounds and record the reflection of the sound waves off of
objects” (Robertson). Other sensors called Lidar sensors continually fires off
beams of laser light, and then measures how long it takes for the light to
return to the sensor, to help detect you’re surrounding and identify lane
markings making the car also able to change speeds, or brake to avoid any
collision which enables drivers to gain more freedom to do whatever they wish
while inside the vehicle which include communicating with peers or devouring
yesterday’s leftovers. With these included in the autonomous car, it will be
able to automatically avoid potential accidents and hence making it safer than
normal driving. Yet with the abundance of technology used to get a person to
their location, it is safe to say it will come with its own challenges, which
is what critics suggest “far too expensive to be practical” but this will only
apply for a limited amount of `time (Wile).  As the technology
progressively becomes cheaper, the driverless car could “save a family more
than $5,600 a year” (Wile). This would greatly impact how people will gain
access to this technological advancement making more people able to obtain it.

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The rise of the connected vehicle has innumerable
societal advantages, ranging from environmental benefits to improved safety.
These cars will anticipate situations in ways humans could never combat.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they claim the
2013 crash death rate (deaths per 100,000 people) in the United States was more
than twice the average of other developed countries. Self-driving cars
eliminate problems such as seat belt use, impaired drivers, obeying speed
limits, and also reduces distractions such as cell phone use and texting with
all of this the autonomous car can additionally reduce human stress. The time
that would have been spent looking for parking space, would now be put into
more useful need. Once, the passenger gets to the destination, they alight and
move with their business, while the car takes care of the problem of a place to
park. Again, self-driving cars will decongest the road as they would take care
of human errors that tend to increase traffic jams on the highways. There will
be more shared rides which will greatly reduce the number of vehicles on the
highways. Critics point out that self-driving cars can be hacked. To refute,
critics claim that these cars can be hacked since they are computerized or put
in on a network. People are opening the car up to hacking which is concerning
because they can possibly take over cars and use them to kidnap the occupants
or turn them into deadly weapons.  Even though nothing is hack proof, this
innovation cannot be dismissed on this claim. Air safety, for instance, depends
on control towers who give information relating to weather, traffic and the
best cause to take. This control can be hacked but people do not stop flying
because of the fear that the control communication system can be hacked. This,
too, can be said for important hospital operations that rely on the computer. People
still undergo complicated operations in the hospital without the fear of the
computers getting hacked and hijacking their treatment. Hackers exist but they
are a risk to self-driving cars just as they are to nearly every sector where
computers play key roles. Self-driving cars are secured as the makers
understand the importance of staying ahead of hackers.

There is also an advantage on how self-driving
cars impact the environment. With climate change turning out to be one of the
main issues bothering the peoples and governments of the twenty-first century,
there is a need to control emission (the production and discharge of something,
especially gas or radiation). The self-driving car is electrical and hybrid, it
does not emit any harmful substances. Environmental pollution is made a thing
of the past with tis innovation. Even if these self-driving cars run on fuel,
the virtue of them being fewer means that the effect it has on the atmosphere
is greatly minimized. Self-driving cars are the best option for going green as
said by the Department of Energy “Automated vehicles could reduce energy
consumption in transportation by as much as 90%, or increase it by more than
200%” (Worland)


As autonomous cars are being more of a reality
than a mere thought we shouldn’t be waiting until autonomous vehicles are
everywhere to start asking the really important questions. With the many
beneficial advantages that gives the world socially and environmentally people
need to modernize and advance themselves by getting autonomous cars so we can
create a world where intelligent, driver less vehicles become the future of