Title: better.” In the end, the most

Title: Her
First Three-Way


Threesome Fun MF

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wasn’t satisfied in her relationship. But either way, all she ever wanted to do
was get the opportunity of fixing it before everything went haywire. At the end
of the day, the most important thing was for her to explain n to her husband
what she wanted. And to make matters even better, her best friends told her to
do the same.





relationship is hitting the rocks and you know it. And I don’t say that I am
falling out of love with you, it’s just that I am not
satisfied when it comes to certain sectors of our marriage.” Erika tried as
much as she could to explain.

“But you
know that I am trying my level best to ensure that you are happy. What you are
really insinuating girl? You know I care about you deeply. I will do just about
anything to make sure that we are happy once again. You mean the world to me
and I’d hate to lose you.”

he was
right. Erika also loved her man and didn’t want to lose him even for a second.
But the crux of the matter still remained that she was getting zero sexual
satisfaction from him. And needless to say, it was starting to affect their
relationship for the worst. Erika wanted to share so that in the end,
everything could go back to being full circle.

“Are you
sure you are going to make things right”

tell me what you want and then we can work together to make sure that our
relationship is working for the better.”

In the
end, the most important thing was not only getting satisfied by her husband but
also being considerate when it came to his feelings. There was no way that she
was going to drop that bombshell all over him. She was very respectful and that
was exactly how Erika was planning on making things be – respectful.

Erika then
opened her mouth as though she wanted to say something but hesitated for a
moment. There was no way that she was going to do just that because shew as
very considerate about how her man felt. At the end of the day, the most
important thing was to ensure that she wasn’t ruining the relationship because
of her selfish reasons.

without further ado, she decided that it was a good idea for her to change the
subject before things went south from that point onwards. Her man didn’t want
to question Erika because he never liked to argue with her. It made him very
sad. But at the end of the day, he had to come clean.

we are together for ta reason and for that reason, I don’t want to make things
complicated. So, if you want to be ahead of the curve, then you’ll have to make
up your mind about the way forward. That’s all I have to say. Please, let’s not
argue ever again.”

babe. I hear you.”

reason as to why Erika was having a difficult time focusing on how to massage
her reality. How on earth was she going to tell her man that she wanted a
threesome from him. She wasn’t sure that her man was going to accept it. Each
and every woman had her fair share of fantasies. Thankfully, Erika was very
well aware of hers which was having a three-way.

But then
again, there was no way that she was going to just come clean and accept it
wholeheartedly. But then again, she needed some time off to just process the
whole thing. It was such an amazingly dope idea, one that could have easily
healed her family once and for all. But then again, it needed time.

And by
needing time, Erika knew that she had to call upon her best friends just kick
back and brood over some booze. At the end of the day, the most important thing
for her to do at that time was to sit tight and focus on virtually everything
that she was doing.

So, once
she had kissed her husband by and saw him drive away to work, Erika tiptoed
back to her sofa and found her iPhone and begun perusing the contacts with her
thumb. It was under such circumstances that she felt she needed to have her
support system close by.





of all, thank you for the free food girl. You know just how we love some free

“Shut up
Lisa. One day the free stuff will kill you. anyways, you know why I called you
guys over. I have finally decided to tell my husband that I just want to take
some time off and be with another man. But since I don’t know how he is going
to take this one, I think I need you guys to help me out on this one.

know me, I would hate to hurt his feelings in any way. So, I prefer to just
kick back and focus on being a good person about this whole thing.”

And as
Erika was coming clean about her problems, her friends listened quietly as they
dug into the food that she had so graciously prepared for them. At that point,
all that Erika could have done was to open her heart and vent as much as she
could. Her friends were incredibly good listeners, which just went ahead to
give her the opportunity to feel good about venting.

times, Erika could just call them for a talk since it was so therapeutic. But
this time round, all she wanted was for them to help her out and not to just
listen. Listening appeared to be dope. But at the end of the day, the most
important thing was for her to chill for a second and just enjoy the moment as

that’s all I have to say. Are you guys going to intervene or are you just going
to be eating my food without giving me any advice? Come on now guys!”

look over here missy, I think you are just being melodramatic. We have been
trying to tell you the same thing over and over again. But from the look of
things, it is clear as day that you aren’t willing to pay any attention. So,
all you need to do is hear us one more time. You need to tell him what’s up.”

was some silence in the room for a couple of minutes. For starters, it was such
an amazing idea to just kick back and process the idea before they could hit
her on the head with more facts. And when Erika’s friends thought they had done
their part, it was time for them to execute the next bit.

“At some
point in life, you need to trust your husband and just tell him what’s up. At
first, we thought you weren’t in love with him anymore. But now, judging from
the way you are talking, it is clear as day that you love him and don’t want to
lose him.

“So, we
all know that Thomas has been checking you out for a while. How about you talk
to him and figure things out. Maybe, just maybe, a three-way can end up saving
your relationship for the better.”

At that
point, Erika seemed to be having a point. Erika didn’t utter a word for a
couple of seconds. She then thanked her friends for making time for her before
pulling out a bottle of whiskey and sharing with them. They had a blast. But
finally, it was time for Erika to call up her man and tell him what’s up.
Getting at Thomas wasn’t going to be that much of a big issue.

When her
man came home, Erika sat him down and told him everything that she felt he
needed to know. And once that was all put aside, he agreed. He was surprisingly
understanding and Erika almost kicked herself for not doing it much sooner.

“So, do
you want to bring a guy that we know or just some guy you feel we need to have
in here?”

“I don’t
think you know him. It is better that way.”

then. So, how about we just call him and see how it goes. I promise that if the
three way gets too uncomfortable. I will just come out and say it. You don’t
have to worry about a darn thing.”

was more than surprised. But then again, it reminded her just why she fell in
love with her man in the first place. The conversation was so mature and so
full of understanding that it got to that point where she just couldn’t hide
her joy. The next order of business was to sit tight and make sure that
everything was going on according to plans.

“Well, I
guess it’s time for us to try this thing. I do hope that it will fulfill you
and our relationship in the process.”

just couldn’t help but hug him as tightly as she could. Things were just too
darn amazing to be true.







was feeling like a million bucks. If anything, she just couldn’t help but moan
a couple of times despite planning on not doing just that. It was just one of
those feelings that she couldn’t blow off no matter how hard she tried. They
made sure that they were giving each other please with Thomas going in deep and
making sure that he was hitting all of her spots the right way.

And all
this while, teddy was watching as he waited for his turn. He loved just the way
that Thomas was making love to her and needless to say, was picking up some
skills or two.

it’s your turn now. I wanna relax and watch!”

“Am on
it.” Teddy said without any moment of hesitation.

Erika was reciprocating with making sure that she was baking up each and every
thrust that she was getting. And for a moment, her entire body was feeling the
arousal, making her sweat and want even it more. It was her first time making
love after a very long time. And that said, she really wanted to make the very
best of it without a doubt.

“It is
very important for you to make sure that you are making me get off…. I want to
get off… I need to….”

But even
before Erika was done talking, Teddy granted her wish. He kept has strokes
steady, hitting her spots as accurately as possible and in the end, giving her
a reason to scream all over the place. It was just too darn good to be true and
for a moment, she didn’t know whether to scream or not. Teddy didn’t last that
long before going off, but it was a good three minutes. And so Thomas was
forced to step in again.

way, it just did feel as though it was the best moment of her life. And she
indeed wanted to enjoy each and every bit of it.

“Oh yeah
daddy! Keep pounding it daddy!”

liked it when Erika was getting all wild and playful like that. He loved
hearing and feeling that she was enjoying the moment. And that made him to want
to give it to her even more. It was remarkably hilarious and in the end, they
couldn’t just get enough of it.

was starting to feel as though he was throbbing and there was nothing he could
do about it. The feeling was so amazing that it was his turn to have his eyes
rolling to the back of his head. It was just too perfect a feeling – one that
he didn’t want to let go not even for a longshot.

The more
he throbbed, the faster he thrusted and the more Erika screamed. In the end, he
let it all go, almost to the point of filling her up to the brim. Thomas made
sure that he had milked himself dry, filling her all the way up. And all this
while, Erika had this incredibly sexy smile on her face. She knew that she had
managed to enjoy just like she had wanted all along and needless to say – was
happy with herself for sure!