Throughout TA for several classes over the past

Throughout my high school and
college experiences, I have often thought and been asked about the “bigger
picture”, the world outside of school and education, and how I will contribute
to it. The answer I always default to is that I will follow my passion of
programming and (hopefully) land a job at an energetic, fast-paced, and purposeful
company. Knowledgeable that this is a lofty long-term goal, I nonetheless hope
that a SWOT analysis will provide me with a foundation of information to build
upon, both in my career and life, for the short and long-term.

              Having an
open-mind with regards to meeting new people, visiting new places, or even
trying new foods is best strengths. This trait is one I purposefully attempt to
improve upon, and stems from moving to American when I was three years old, into
a culture much different from my own. Being comfortable outside of my innately
introverted lifestyle has allowed me to make countless friendships and great memories.
Additionally, being open-minded is a big contributor in being vulnerable and
admitting you made a mistake, something that I have often neglected to do in
the past. Two strengths of mine that go hand-in-hand would be self-discipline and
perseverance. These traits are most shown consistently in my schoolwork, as I consistently
remind myself and reinforce habits related to getting my work done in a timely
manner and be an effective communicator with any peers. Finally, the strength
that I think best defines me would be taking initiative, whether that be in the
form of offering up ideas for a group project, being a TA for several classes over
the past semesters, or engaging in clubs such as Solar Car that allow me to use
my technical knowledge in a practical environment.

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I feel that my weaknesses are what prevent me from being as confident as I
would like to be in both social and academic settings. The trait that I feel I
need to work on the most is over-committing to whatever I am working on.
Specifically, this