This the way in which the work is

This part conveys the in-depth research and understanding of
identified course concepts and principles in relation to the project
management. I was never quite sure about what work I was going to do in
the project. Our project was about opening a Capsule Hotel in the Manchester
city centre and to successfully complete the project, it’s very important that
every team member is aware of the work they need to do and the overall aims and
objectives. The team members should be certain about their individual roles and
responsibilities in the project work from the start. Thus, a kick-off meeting
is very important for a project as it is about the overall aims and objectives
of the project and how it is to be achieved by the team members together (Project Smart, 2014).
Effective and proper communication in projects is a major factor for its
success. It is important to the team members, the same way it is to the team
members and the stakeholders. A research about communication tells that
improvement in communication impacts the overall performance of the team.
Effective and timely communication saves time as the team members have a clear
idea about the work to be completed by them in the given time period.

Communication is about how
projects are formed, directions decided and results determined
(Ziek and Anderson,
2015). Adequate channels of communication within a team enable the
members to work effectively as a team to achieve the ultimate objective of the
project. Certain studies have proved that there is a link between team work and
team performance as well. Teams could be made more effective if they are
cohesive (Levine and Moreland 1990). The team environment is also affected by
the level of cohesion. It also improves consistency of the team members (Lott and Lott, 1965). Teamwork allows the team members to
plan, organise and manage the activities of the team to attain the ultimate
goal. Ruiz Ulloa and Adams (2004) discovered
that numerous process variables such as mature communication, accountable
interdependence and role clarity had a constructive effect on an individual’s
attitude toward teamwork. If a team member is satisfied with the way in which the work
is being done in a group then there are possibilities that it would lead to
greater commitment, less absenteeism and reduced turnover in the workplace.
This could also lead to the development of the team members in terms of working
as team for projects and help them in future for even bigger real life projects
when there is a big team of professionals to work with (, 2006). Transparency in terms of project management urges the
team members to be transparent in the knowledge they possess. There are a few
signs of poor transparency like when the team members do not interact much, do
not speak much during the discussions, are afraid to question other team
member’s idea and face difficulty in understanding each other (Maytorena,
2018). Managing projects can become difficult if
the team members don’t work as a team. Prioritizing transparency improves the
performance and accountability of the team members. It helps the team members
to know about what is expected from them and their team members so that they
could offer help when needed. Transparency also encourages the team members to
be more responsible towards each other. All the projects have a deadline and
need to be completed within the specified time period and if the team members
are too much dependent on each other with the work then it might delay the
project and exceed the deadline. It also helps the team members to realise that
their actions can even destroy or improve the project (Weber, 2017).
transparency holds team members accountable, it motivates them to work
according to their commitments. Due to transparency, all the team members are
aware of the status of the project so everyone is engaged in the processes and
accountable as well. Moreover, transparency is essential for the team members
to trust each other and it puts all the members of the team on the same page
about the project and the discussions. 

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