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This essay will outline the impact on the development of communication technology has had on society as a whole. Communication Technology has developed quite rapidly since the mid 1940’s, and has advanced society as a whole who are now able to communicate with each other from any part of the world. In order to help with the development of technology and to protect a person when using them. Acts such as the Health and Safety Act, and Data Protection Act, have been created to go along side the advancement. There are many ways to communicate with people in life. However, there are still many issues that happen in every day to day life to people on a regular basis because of limitation in current technology. In the daily work life and at home people sit down at a personal computer for great lengths of time doing work, playing computer games, or browsing the web in general. They may not have the proper back support or taking regular breaks from the computer in order to unwind from it. While in the workplace there are procedures put in place to help people not to damage their backs, or head, people do not always abide by them but at home none of this is in place, so it is up to the person to look up on the internet what they should be doing on the computer. Another issue is that people do not all have equal access to the internet depending on where they are. For example people in Dublin, have easy access to fibre optic broadband, while others in more rural parts of the country such as Cork, Wexford, Kilkenny do not have such access to them. Even with a plan to bring fibre to every part of the country, it will take a few years for it to get everywhere for everyone. Meaning they do not have access to information online like other people. Another issue that can be found is the use of the phone, you constantly have access to different people around the world. It gives people access to being able to ring you at all times of the day, meaning that you are not able to switch off when you get in the door, as you may have to do a bit of work, for work after a full days of work in order to keep on top of your work. As well as this, when they phone do not have the greatest battery life as well. If you get into trouble, you may not have the battery life to get to keep people updated on where you are, get you out of being lost, or give you location for long period of time. While on a full battery you are able to do a number of things without worry. A low battery life quickly drains when you are using it even for the simplest tasks. A phone with a good battery life, may be the difference between saving someone and not saving someone. A good thing that has come out of technology is the fact that people are able to quickly transfer data across the world, store it and use that information from almost every point in the world, but anyone can get access to that information while that data is online. Companies have had to put in place policies in order to protect that data of their customer as it is not their right to freely use that data. Which is protected by the Data Protection Act. The Data Protection Act of 1998, 2003 and 2017. States that an information they hold you must be accurate made available to those that should have it, and only used for specified purposes. As well as that, you have the right to access any information on you that for example a company may have on you. You can have any errors corrected, and even erased completely from the company/companies all together if you no longer wish for them to have information on you. Another responsibility at the workplace for when working at a desk all day. Is that it is important to take care of your health so that you are not harming yourself in the workplace. Such as moving heavy objects together with a person or using moving equipment that is available at the time in order to move. Such as moving a server out of a server room, they are quite large to move around by themself. The Health and Safety Act of 2005 refers to all types of employment, which is to ensure that both the employee and employer are responsible for their health in work, and are to follow guidelines given to them by the H.A.S to ensure the safety of workers. An example of the positions of chairs and computer monitors. A person should be sitting upright, and evaluated, to their monitor so that they are looking directly at the screen and not up or down to it. An example of a policy is the Maher Hospital policy: This policy acknowledges an obligation to ensure the appropriate use of all IT Data, and equipment it process in its domain.