This event that leads to the establishment in

This movie was a drama-romantic film by Terrence Malick. This
movie is an adventurous historical event that leads to the establishment in
Virginia in the 1607 in a small town called Jamestown. This will take place
between the Native Americans and the English Virginia Company Explores, with the
main characters in the movie being Captain John Smith, Pocahontas who is the
daughter of Chief Powatan, and John Rolfe whom later marries Pocahontas due to
the supposed death of Captain John Smith. The movie shows Captain John Smith
aboard a ship below deck while in chains as the ship is coming to shore. In
full-armored are exhausted white settlers, being watched by Indians. Smith is
sentenced to death by hanging once they are ashore.

However Smith will be pardoned by Captain Christopher Newport,
who is the leader of this expedition. While Captain Christopher Newport returns
to England for supplies, John Smith is left to lead these men. While Smith is
out exploring the regions, he is captured by scantly clothed Indians from the
tribe of Chief Powatan. Smith tells Chief Powatan and counsel that they will be
leaving in the spring. In this same meeting where John Smith is to be killed
Pocahontas intervenes and pleads his life.  John Smith stays awhile with the tribe and he
adapts to their way of life in the new world. In the meantime a romance between
John Smith and Pocahontas starts to form during this time. The Chief notices
the love emotions that his daughter has for this free slave. Chief Powatan is
disturbed by this and he requests his tribe warriors to return John Smith back
to his colony.

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In the meantime Chief Powatan realizes that the settlers do not
plan on leaving their land and talks to the tribe about attacking the settlers.
Pocahontas is heart broke by these turn of events and decides to leave her
father’s tribe and warn Captain John Smith and his men, which they need to
leave this land because her tribe is going to attack them. A fight breaks out
many settlers and Indians were injured and killed. Later this warning results
in Pocahontas being traded by her father for this betrayal of her own people,
for a stranger.  Pocahontas is to be
traded to another tribe “The Naked Devils” and then to be sold to the fort.
This tribe thinks it will keep the Emperor from attacking. John Smith is
injured in a fight to get Pocahontas.

Pocahontas is trade for and is brought to the colony that John
Smith is at and is no longer commanding the post. Pocahontas dresses and learns
the way of the white settlers. Smith and Pocahontas are happy for a while. Smith
leaves Jamestown because of orders from the king to return. Smith instructs
another officer to inform Pocahontas of his death in two months from the time
he leaves, that he has drowned in the crossing.  Pocahontas is heart broken by this news but
still remains with the settlers.

John Rolfe is a widower with a small son, he takes interest in
Pocahontas.  Sometime goes by and John
Rolfe takes interest in Pocahontas agrees to work in Rolfe’s fields. Time
passes Rolfe and Pocahontas spend a lot of time together and a relationship
starts to form. John Rolfe proposes to Pocahontas, they eventually marry (Historic
She has decided to no longer be called by her given Indian name Pocahontas; she
is baptized and is given the Christian name Rebecca (Bio. A&E
Television Networks). She and John Rolfe have a son.

John Rolfe and Pocahontas are invited by the king and queen of
England, where there will be a royal audience in Pocahontas honor. Here John
Rolfe’s hope for Pocahontas is to forget the pain and heartbreak she has suffered
in Jamestown. Pocahontas over hears that Smith is alive, that he certainly did
not die in the crossing and was sent to England. Pocahontas tells Rolfe that she
is married to Smith and that he still lives. 
Rolfe sets a meeting up for Pocahontas and John Smith to see each other
again when they arrive in England. Upon their arrival the king and queen
receive Pocahontas with great favor. Here she is presented as the “The New
World Princess” to a royal audience with blessing and celebrations. Smith and
Pocahontas do meet at, but as they walk and talk, she now realizes that she is
no longer in love with John Smith and returns to John Rolfe, their family. Pocahontas
falls ill and dies in on April 13, 1616 in Gravesend.

 This was a good movie to watch, it leads you
to the legendary story of “The New World,” which has impact to our history. However
it was not historically accurate. The new world was accurate for the most
part.  The English were actually attacked
by the Algonquin’, who had lived there, and were not welcoming to the new
settlers. (Historic Jamestown) Pocahontas was a
childhood nickname; her actual real name was Amonute (Bio. A&E Television Networks).  The relationship between Pocahontas and John
Smith was not romantic due to the fact that Pocahontas was eleven year old
child (Historic Jamestown). John Smith did not
leave Jamestown because of orders by the king, but due to the Smith being
accidentally injured by a gunpowder burn in which he had to be returned to
England for treatment in October 1609 (Historic
One of the big oops was that the movie showed how much clothing that Pocahontas
and her people wore, during that time most Indians wore very little clothing (Stebbins,
 Pocahontas was not traded by her father
for her betrayal but actually kidnapped by Captain Argall for leverage (Stebbins,
It was John Smith who actually wrote to the Queen Ann telling her all the help
Pocahontas had given the English settlers (Stebbins,