These of packing of the product that

These warehouses are popular among
assembly departments where the ready parts are provided by different suppliers
and assembled at one place, for example; car industries, motorcycles,
electronics (Weele, 2010).


 Ready product

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This kind of warehouse is used for
storing finished goods and ready for the delivery whenever the demand is
increasing and acts as a buffer stock. The benefit of such warehouses is the
production line can be used to manufacturing other products (Weele, 2010).


Cross dock


Cross docking helps to minimize the
transit time. The finished or unfinished products come from different
locations, the items are then labeled and then transported with the product
that  Shares
the same destination  As a result the
overall material handling is reduced and chances of product being damaged are
less likely (Waters, 2009).



Material Handling


Material handling is the movement,
protection, storage and control of materials and products throughout
manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, consumption and disposal. (2016).

Every time an item is moved it
costs money, takes time, and gives a chance to damage it, so the efficient
warehouse reduces the amount of movement and only makes the necessary movement
if possible. A reasonable set of aims for material handling includes:

Movements of material only if required

By using proper machinery time length can be

increasing storage density by reducing the
amount of waste space

smoothening of materials flow

Maintenance of materials handling equipment (Waters, 2009)




It is concerned with design of
packing of the product that ensures damage-free movement of the product and is
conducive to efficient handling and storage. In packaging the products are
assigns with the special number which helps to locate and identify the product
easily. Many companies outsource their packaging as it involves great amount of
information which consumes more time and sources. Packaging also can serves as
marketing tool for many, as products can promote other products on the same
package (Waters, 2009).





It is concerned with sourcing,
arranging and ordering of the product in order to make sure its availability at
the right place, at the right moment and at the right time. Acquisition,
however, does not include other purchasing activities such as price
negotiation, vendor rating etc.



Product Scheduling


Product scheduling is related with
preparation of total quantities to be produced in accordance with demand,
actual as well as projected. Product scheduling, in general it does not include
day-to-day detailed scheduling carried out by production planner but if needed
the schedule can be modified (Weele, 2010).


Information System


Information system is an absolute
necessity for the successful implementation of logistics function. Database on
customer location, sales volume, stock levels, lead times etc. must be kept up
to date (xaib).