There countries have limited resources. Hurricanes, droughts, floods

There can be
more than one cause of poverty and that can go back to the root of the problem,
so it can be solved and even though poverty is a global issue there isn’t a
main cause of it.


1.  Warfare:

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In war a country’s productivity drops and the market value of
that country. Also, the national business owners avoid investing a country at
times of war. In addition, access to basic needs and services such as water,
food, shelter and education which robs people from the quality of life. Around
33% of communities in absolute poverty live in a place of conflict. Countries
like Srilanka have been suffering poverty for years because of the civil and
tribal wars.  



2.  Natural

Underdeveloped countries are less likely to be prepared than
developed countries, so they take longer to recover from these disasters, often
finding it impossible. Also, these countries have limited resources.
Hurricanes, droughts, floods and other natural events can lead to illnesses and
injuries needed to be treated which can affect a countries economy and leave it
in debt.


3.  Mass migration
to cities:

There should be a limit to overcrowding of cities. This can
be possible by stopping most of the migration of the villages to cities. Some
villagers leave their village and migrate to cities in hopes of finding a job
and getting employed which can be hard to get with the employment rate in most
cities so that leads to people being unemployed and that is another cause of

4.National Debt:

Most of the poor countries are in debt because of loans from
wealthy nations and international financial institutions. Poor nations owe an
average of 2.30 dollars in debt for every dollar received in grant aid. Moreover, structural adjustment policies by
organizations for example the international fund and the world bank mostly ask
poor countries to open their markets for investors and business, for growing
the competition with local businesses.


What I learned:

I learned that poverty has more than one cause and the root
of it can be more than one and some of the causes is war where one of the
country’s market value drops and lose resources. In addition, the pollution can
also affect in the country’s wealth for example when the water gets
contaminated some people’s job can depend on that source of water like a farmer
or some people that drink from that water source. Villagers migrating to cities
and over populating it which leads to increasing numbers of unemployment and
that is a cause of poverty. Also, Nations getting in debt is another serious
problem that can cause poverty as most countries who struggle with poverty are
usually in debt to wealthier nations.