There fact that other people will know your

There has been much discussion around DNA testing to search for or
find predisposed traits for disease genetics. DNA testing could determine if someone
could develop a disease. DNA testing was first used in crime investigations, to
determine paternity, and in forensics for science evidence. Testing has come a
long way and now it has evolved deeper for identification. Today we are living
in a time of advancement of personal DNA technology. Genetic testing is a
useful tool for helping to stay healthy. Everyone would love to avoid diseases
if possible. You can even get a testing kit sent directly to your home then you
would need to send your spit to a company for testing. The research will help
by making lives easier with improved treatments and possibly eliminating a
disease altogether.


Some people believe that this
testing should not be done learning about genetic makeup has risks that can be
hard to handle. Some extreme cases of fear could lead to suicide. There are
some doubts about the value of this test, and some people believe that these
tests are just as predictive as a family history. A personal DNA test can not
tell you for sure if you will get a big common disease. There tests can get
expensive and a negative result might impact health insurance costs. There is
also the fact that other people will know your genetic makeup. Security is
always a cause for concern because it is important who to trust with this
information. Also, some genes mean that you will certainly get the disease,
while others could only be as small as a 5% change of developing. Some doctors
do not know how to prevent certain diseases. Even with the exact same DNA, as
in the case of twins, one twin could develop a disease, where the other twin will

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Others believe that personal DNA testing is a positive advancement
in health sciences. I believe that it is a good thing for families that have
high risk of inheriting a disease. Test results can help couples make decisions
about wanting to start a family. Many parents want to know whether their child
has inherited a disease that has a history in the family. I believe that it is
a good thing and the positives outweigh the negative. There is an opportunity
for early detection of a disease that can help in saving a person’s life. Doing
a DNA test can also give someone ease and peace of mind finding out that they
do not have a gene for a certain disease. Making healthier decisions throughout
life will have a positive effect on your overall quality of life.


Alzheimer’s is dementia that causes
problems with memory loss and thinking. This is a progressive disease and
gradually gets worse over time. Treatment can not stop Alzheimer’s, but can
slow down the symptoms. It is strongly discouraged to test for Alzheimer’s because
it is not a reliable test for this particular disease. Whether you have one or
two genes, it is not guaranteed that a person will get Alzheimer’s in their
lifetime. Diabetes is a number of diseases that involve issues with the hormone
insulin. This affects one in four people over 65 years of age and there is no
cure. DNA testing is useful in determining those who are most likely to develop
the disease.


            Cancer is a
group of diseases that involve abnormal cell growth and there are more than 100
types. Some of these include breast, skin, lung, and colon cancer. In 2016, an
estimated 1,685,210 new cases will be diagnosed in the United States. Angelina
Jolie made the decision to have a preventative double mastectomy. After results
of a personal DNA test, she discovered that she had a high risk for developing
breast cancer. This is also something her mother passed away from.


For these reasons I think it will
play a significant role and help to advance our species. It is good for showing
predisposed disease that people could take medicine beforehand to help prevent
in future or change their lifestyles. This could also determine the severity of
a disease and help doctors to monitor it. Genetic testing is benefiting us by
understanding our bodies and may be the reason people make healthier changes. Overall,
this is helpful in determining and preventing diseases that are inherited.