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The definition of prudence is the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason. This Cardinal virtue of prudence is one of the virtues that I need to improve. Similar to the other three virtues, prudence has a natural and supernatural sense. The natural sense aims to encourage living a good life on earth. The supernatural sense focuses on achieving a life in heaven, and in order to fulfill this goal, grace is required. I need to improve my prudence in both of these sense, as I have struggled to display prudence. Prudence in the natural aspect, explained simply, is the capability to make good decisions throughout life. At times, I tend to make bad decisions, for example I do not manage my time well. I sometimes forget about homework or put it off. This causes me to cram the night before. Ultimately the main problem created by my lack of prudence is procrastination. Other times, I will choose to be with my friends instead of family. This can be bad because I sometimes choose my friends more often than my family. I also do not utilize prudence in my eating habits. Many times I will eat unhealthy food. This is not a smart decision, and this will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. These bad decisions that I make are caused by the desires of the flesh. In Galatians 5:17,  it talks about these desires saying, “The sinful nature wants to do evil, which is just the opposite of what the Spirit wants.” This verse explains how we can sometimes fall weak to our sinful nature. When I make bad decisions, I am being weak and becoming a slave to my sinful nature. My lack of prudence creates a unhealthy lifestyle for me and those around me. I need to improve my decision making not just for me but for everyone.The supernatural sense of prudence is also an area that I need to work on. The supernatural sense has the goal of getting to heaven, and it relates prudence to God. One area that I need to show more prudence in is Church. Sometimes I make an excuse in order not to go to Church. I need to make the right decision and go to Church. When I skip, I am being very selfish. I also need to give my time to others more. Instead of spending time having fun, I should devote a portion of that to helping others. This ties into the time management decisions. God called us to help others in Matthew 5:42, “Give to the one who begs from you, and do not refuse the one who would borrow from you.” I should be making conscious decisions to follow God’s commandments. I also need to decide to love everyone. It is hard to forgive people sometimes, but the decision to do so needs to be made. God forgave us, so we should forgive each other. I can improve my decision making if I make a few changes to my lifestyle. I need to choose what is right instead of what I desire. I often choose what I desire instead of the right thing, and I need to learn to make the right decision. Another way I can improve is by reading the Bible. I can learn how to make good decisions by reading about Christ, and how he lived. If I also learn to be more selfless, I will be able to make better decisions. When we receive prudence at Baptism, we are given the groundwork. From there we need to develop and improve it. Idealistically my decisions should not only benefit me, but everyone around me. Once prudence is mastered, it makes a significant difference in one’s community. Hopefully, by developing my prudence, it will create a path to heaven. Making these improvements will better my life in the end. If I am able to enhance my prudence, it will help others make smart decisions as well. If I show love to others and  give them my time, it will encourage them to live better. This will also heighten the chance of them seeking Christ. This prudence will help me live more like Christ. Eventually, the prudence that I use to show love will rub off on others, which in turn will create a loving community. I will also be happier knowing that I am following God’s will. Prudence, being a Cardinal value, will also help form our moral values. The virtue of prudence is a vital factor in living a better life and being received into heaven. Prudence is also necessary for a society to function. Without it there would be chaos. Although I struggle with prudence now, I hope that in the future I will be able to exercise it more often..