The the novel and movie follow are

Great Gatsby

Throughout the Great Gatsby novel by F.Scott Fitzgerald and
the movie adaptation directed by Baz Luhrmann there are many similar and
borrowed aspects throughout, but the two are drastically different in other
factors as well. There are three major differences that contrast the two from
one another the first one being the level of wealth displayed in the lives of
New Yorks elite. Some of the symbolism in the book was portrayed through the
same way in the movie, keeping in line with the meaning and significance of
these important symbols. The characters that the novel and movie follow are portrayed in
different ways from the novel, this makes the actions and feelings and events
brought along throughout have a different impact on the view and reader. Through these changes it is evident that if the
characters the symbols that affect them and the significance of their actions
are altered in any way it can make a major difference in the overall in the

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The Great Gatsby follows along the lives of the rich through
the eyes of the wealthy and not so wealthy, this creates a feeling and sets the
stage for the following events, it also creates a background to the characters
and how you perceive them to act and react to situations in the novel. The
wealth was exaggerated in the movie from the novel for example the size and
expansiveness of Gatsby’s wealth and home, in the novel we are told his house
is one that fits in with other homes on New Yorks East Egg island; but in the
movie it is depicted as a castle like compound that is beyond the size of what
is shown in the novel. The same goes for the size f Daisy and Tom’s house as well, this
effects how you view the characters in the novel and movie because in the movie
they are now viewed as beyond everyone else on a whole new level; the viewer is
made to not even be able to comprehend and imagine the life of those
characters. In the novel their
lives are made a little bit more within ones reach of though and are made
easier to understand and imagine. The wealth effects how the party’s are
brought out and the drastic size and influence they have in the world of the
movie, in the novel they are shown as a way of Gatsby meeting daisy but the
size of them in the movie make it hard to see that. The wealth creates a major
environmental impact on the feeling and relationships the viewer and reader has
with the characters and storyline, and the difference between the novel and the
movie create different feelings.

The symbols in the novel and movie are all brought up and processed throughout
the story so that they technically still have the impact they are meant to
have, but the size and amount of impact they have is very different between the
two. For example the billboard with the eyes and glasses in the book it is
stated that it is like gods eyes and watches over the area, and this makes us
think that God judges and sees all in truth when Daisy is shown to kill myrtle.
But in the movie the size of the billboard is majorly increased and this
creates a heavier feeling towards the whole entire idea, this makes us see the
symbol and meaning brought out before it is stated, unlike the novel. The
symbols like the green lights at the end of the dock are also very different in
the size of meaning they hold in between the two. The book uses the green light
as a more major and drastic aspect of Gatsby’s love for Daisy; but in the movie
the green light at the end of the dock is not made to be such a big
representation of the love Gatsby’s has for Daisy. This effects the way the viewer and reader looks at
feels about Gatsby’s passion because it does not seem to be so concerned and
obsessive because it does not focus in on tiny aspects that Gatsby over
analyzes in life. The symbols help to bring special aspects and feeling through
in the storyline and depending on how they are portrayed and depicted
determines how they will effect and how much power they will have on the reader
and viewer.

The characters themselves are the most important part of a story it overpasses
the importance of the actions taken because the people themselves determine
what will happen, and if these characters are altered they will make the events
and relationships different. Gatsby is portrayed differently
from the book because in the movie he is shown as a bit more obsessive and die
hard for his love than in the novel, this is done through the size of the
parties he has for her, the house he built for her, the life he made for her;
everything he does is for her but in the novel Gatsby makes everything so big
and expresses feelings so big and strong it changes the way the reader
perceives him. For example Tom and Daisy’s
relationship is shown as more toxic in the movie than in the novel because it
is visual that tom is controlling in the way that he hits her and controls her,
it is shown more in the movie than in the novel and it creates a drastic
difference in the way we look at Tom and Daisy separately and together. These characters have so much story and
influence to them that the way they are brought out and the feelings and
actions they portray have a major impact on the story and how it is brought