The reality could mean a more dangerous lifestyle


The matrix is a movie based on the
concept that everyone is programmed and living in a programmed world. In this
world there is an evil code which the main character Neo is trying to fight.
Though this may look to a science fiction movie to a lot of people, the theory
has actually been  underlined by
Descartes. Descartes argues that we can actually not know with utmost certainty
that the exterior world we perceive is in fact the reality. This raises a
question: are we in the matrix and does it matter?

The matrix

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The matrix is the whole of all the functions
properties together in one coherent source code. Think about it as every
individual having its own unique property function. For example you are
”f(x)=x” and I am ”g(x)=2x”. In this example your life will move linear with
a predictable outcome, my function moves similarly but steeper. Steeper in
reality could mean a more dangerous lifestyle which alters the curve. At 0 the
two functions intersect. An intersection in reality could mean that two person
meet each other. If you define every interaction in life as a function you
could actually describe life in a one dimensional property function. This
function will be much more complex than the example in this paragraph, but if
we define a function and give the set of rules for all the equations than we
can actually code the universe and all particles within this universe.

One could argue that you, the
person reading this article, is reading this article. Therefor it must be that
you are reading from an autonomous point of view. That you are fully in control
of your human embodiment. This however is a false statement that is based on
circular reasoning, because it does not incorporate external factors. What if
actually the lyrics you are reading now is being read by a computer and you are
a program within the computer? In coding this is very well possible, in fact
autonomous thinking we used to think is inherent to the human being can
actually be taught to an artificial intelligence.

Not too long ago people thought that an artificial intelligence could never be
smarter than a human. In the game of Chess a cooperation between players,
scientists and coding engineers made it possible to develop an artificial
intelligence which could not only play a game of Chess, but beat the best players
in the world. This was made possible, because Chess is based on decision on
decision with a limited number of possible moves in each decision. A human is
flawed to make mistakes a computer program is not. A computer program is only
limited by the calculating capacity given to it. In philosophical theory one
could imagine a limitless computer with endless calculating power which would
make it infinitely easy to calculation each individual molecule and the
position in the universe.

Now you might think that the reason ”a human is flawed” could be a good
example of why the human is actually a real being. This is again a wrong
assumption. A human could be programmed to make flaws and learn from its flaws
by trial and error.  All of this could be


Does it matter that we live in a Matrix?

The answer to this question
is: it depends. To one person knowing that one thought to be true is actually
not the truth might be devastating. Another person might actually see this as a
breakthrough in philosophy. No matter if one does or does not believe in the
matrix will not change the fact if it would indeed by true. Even if you know
you are living in world which only exists in a system, this does not imply that
you need to change the way you are living now. If for example you are
programmed to be happy drinking beer and not to study at all, you could keep on
living the way you did before without it altering anything. I do believe that
in theory we could be living in a matrix as we speak now. The universe could all
be connected by a string of code embedded in a system.

How can we prove the Matrix is there?

You can prove the matrix
exists by define each and every aspect as a code. For example love code be
coded as ”xd:dx” and hate as ”dx:xd”. By defining the parameters and
applying it to the real world, we could see the world from a whole new
perspective. An even easier example of a program is birth and death. Birth
could be the start of a program (person) and death could be the end of it. In
between is what we call ”life”. The way a person perceives the reality is
often influenced by external influences. If at a young age a person is bullied
a lot this person might become more timid. In coding this could be described in
an ”IF” ”THEN” function. There are unlimited amount of coding that could be
made for even defining small entities. A person for example could perceive a
bottle of water, but cannot see the water molecules  by using his eyes.

The limitations of the Matrix

There are several limitations
to the theory that the Matrix exists. The biggest being we have not seen nor
analyzed enough data from the matrix to be able to fully understand its code.
Even philosophy does not offer an answer, because one of the foundations of
philosophy is the quote ”I think, therefor I am”. Anything that goes against
the current believe will be denied and ridiculed. What if there are actually
non-thinking entities that exist and are part of the system? Like a rock not
being able to think, but being in existence by its presence.  In the perceivable and non-perceivable world
lie all the answers of this universe and possibly the code we are all made of.
The only question that arises: would you want to know the truth?