The told Skyler that I loved him because

The stars starts to fall as if it was raining lights. They were in colors of blue, red, pink, and many more. They were all vibrant colors. My eyes looked around searching for someone, anyone, anything. I wanted to share this moment with people. It was beautiful, utterly beautiful. My brown locks bounced around my cheek as I jogged around the park searching for anybody. I froze as I saw my crush, Skyler. He was with another person, but who? I ducked away to the near by trees. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I knew who he was with, my sister. My heart dropped to my stomach my knees starts to get weak. “No,” I whispered to myself. I’m 16, a boy. My name is Elliott and I’m gay. I never told Skyler that I loved him because I was scared that he will reject me. I never told anyone who I liked. Matter of fact, no one knows I’m gay. He liked my sister the entire time. He even asked me for advice on how to advance to someone he liked. I didn’t know it was her that he liked. I tried to fight back my tears, but couldn’t. I know I shouldn’tbe crying, but I am.The warm bitterness welled up and bubbled out of my eyes. Skyler’s face lowered to my sister. Their lips met, and brushed slowly as their arms wrapped around each other in a loving embrace.A sharp pain hit my chest. It hurts. I dropped to my knees and covered my lips with my trembling hands. I held it in. No matter what, I held it in. I dear not let out my own agony for them to hear. I did not want him to know that I have loved him from the start. It breaks my heart to know that I never stood a chance with him. Everything that surrounded me blurred as my heart shattered away into the wind piece by piece. I’m sure he will be happy with my sister. I’m sure my sister will be happy with him. Yet, this feeling in my heart, yearns for him. I let go of my lips and breathed slowly, but quietly as possible. I looked up and they were both walking away hand to hand, arm to arm. They were smiling away and were happy with each other. Skyler’s hand reached into his pocket and got out his phone. He was texting. Buzz, buzz goes my pocket. I took my phone out and looked at it. “I got her dude! Thanks for your advice man!” said the text he sent.My lips quivered into a forced smile. My hands working away at the keyboard.”I’m happy for you 🙂 “My heart sunk. I didn’t know if I should be happy anymore or if I should be sad. I laid my back against the tree, my knees to my chest my eyes focused on the falling stars. Ironic. My heart feels like that right now. Pieces of me scattering everywhere. So sad, but yet so beautiful at the same time.