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The Academic MarketeditWith a dominating presence in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland PlagScan serves schools and universities worldwide. The software aims to help academic institutions to increase students’ awareness toward plagiarism and academic integrity.The Business MarketeditPlagScan also offers its services to the commercial market and publishers. Business users employ the software to improve SEO rankings or secure the proper usage of copyright material.2 They mostly aim to ensure unique content and its protection. The most common commercial customers are publishers, journalists, advertising agencies and law firms.Privacy and Data SecurityeditPlagScan maintains the European data security and copyright regulations, particularly following the German Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG). Each user has a variety of options regarding their data and submission settings, for example, whether to keep, delete or include submissions in an internal archive. According to the European data security and privacy laws.3TechnologyeditPlagScan’s two-step algorithm was developed in 2008 and compares submissions with millions of web sources and internal archives that users can optionally participate in. The software recognizes plagiarism as soon as at least three consecutive words match a different source.PlagScan built an indexing tool based on Apache Solr and relies on Microsoft Bing’s search index for web documents.4The software can be integrated into Learning Management Systems such as Moodle, Canvas, etc through an API integration.5OthereditThe plagiarism blog ranked PlagScan as the fourth best plagiarism detection software on the market in 2011.6TOPtenreviews ranked PlagScan as best plagiarism checker in 2013.7PlagScan participated in “Captivate,” a three-month acceleration program by the German Accelerator in 2014, promoting German technology startups to enter the U.S. market.8PlagScan was ranked as one of the best information and communication technologies at the European Venture Summit in 2014.9