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The quote “Man’s inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn” is very relevant in the Holocaust texts Night by Elie Wiesel and The Last Days directed by James Moll because it really sums up the Holocaust. Both these texts give insight to what happened inside the camps and how the survivors were changed forever. These texts both show that in times of extreme inhumanity, one can lose his faith, which leads to a loss of innocence.Wiesel struggled a lot with his faith in Night. Before the Holocaust he had full faith in God. But his faith and trust in God started to slip throughout his time in the concentration camp. The breaking point in where Wiesel completely lost his faith in God was when the young pipel was hung. After witnessing the horrific hanging of the young pipel, Wiesel’s  emotions and feelings towards God at this point were depicted when he thinks, “For God’s sake, where is God?…Where he is? This is where — hanging here from this gallows…”(Wiesel, 65). The death of the young pipel symbolizes the death of Wiesel’s faith in God. Wiesel and the other prisoners witnessed many hangings before, but this hanging of the young pipel crossed a line and was too far even for the Nazis. The fact that the Lagerkapo refused to act as the executor showed that the nazis knew how inhumane it was to hang a child in front of thousands. The young pipel being hung was the last straw and made Wiesel go over the edge and lose his faith. By witnessing and going through horrific acts in the concentration camp, Wiesel eventually lost his religion and faith. As a result of him losing his faith, Wiesel also lost his innocence and could never have it back. He saw and went through things humans, let alone children his age should ever be exposed to. The lost of his innocence was really shown when Wiesel said after the death of his father, “No prayers were said over his tomb. No candle lit in his memory. His last word had been my name… I did not weep, and it pained me that I could not weep. But I was out of tears.”(Wiesel, 112). Wiesel did not cry, he could not cry. Humans cry to release emotion. It does not matter what age the person is. But the fact that Wiesel did not cry after the death of his father really shows how institutionalized death was at the camp. He was hardened at the camp and Wiesel did not feel any emotion when people died. Death was the norm at the camp and really impacted Wiesel and made him lose his innocence. In the Holocaust innocent people were killed for no reason at all. Jews could not believe that their God could stay silent over such atrocities. Many people, including Irene lost their faith in result of the Nazis cruel acts. The specific event that made Irene lose her faith was when this happened, “I saw two children fall out of the truck… one SS man came out… picked up the children like that, and he banged him against the truck and the blood came running down and threw him into the truck. So that’s when I stopped talking to God.”(Moll, The Last Days). Irene lost her faith in the fairness and justice of God. Through the horrors of the concentration camps, Irene started to lose her faith. She was so devastated by the the crematories, gas chambers, and the deaths but after witnessing the cruel nazis killing the innocent children, she had enough. Lots of people who go through the Holocaust lose their faith after witnessing cruel acts such as seeing their family member murdered or beat. But as they lose their faith they also lose their innocence which they can never get back. Tom perfectly falls under that umbrella and this quote really gives insight to how much their innocence was lost, ”I wasn’t young anymore. I was very old. I was 16 but I was very old.” (Moll, The Last Days). Tom was 16, yet he no longer was a kid. He witnessed and went through things that he would never forget. He saw things in the camp that a normal human can not fathom unless they actually see it. A normal 16 year old should have to worry about what clothes he is going to wear or if he needs to charge his phone. But not Tom, he had to worry about if he was going to get beat or get selected to be killed. The things that he saw made no sense and made him lose his innocence forever and could never unsee what he saw. Many people in concentration camps lost their faith and led to them losing their innocence during the cruel, inhumane Holocaust. They witnessed and went through things no human being should ever go through. The Holocaust is a horrible mark in the history of the world and we should and must learn from it so this does not ever happen again. People must learn to not hate and not to be cruel to other people because it almost a guarantee that the prosecutor would not want themselves in the shoes of the accuser.