The the backbone of rock with his flashy

The Extent of Rock and Roll and Its Many TransformationsRock and roll has had many evolutions over the years and each genre has been influenced by the last. Many of the genres were built for rebellion and to show the tough times of life. So many were hated amongst the community. The Blues was the first big music genre that would later help create the foundation of rock and roll. Muddy Waters was one of the biggest artists in the blues era. He had grown up with Delta Blues and later decided he wanted to make music. He became the backbone of rock with his flashy music for the time. He was most known for his song “Rollin’ Stone” which helped the Rolling Stones choose their name. I chose Muddy Waters because I felt that he was the most influential blues artist. Early Rock and Roll shortly came up after the Blues. Johnny Cash was the second most influential music maker at the time. He gave influence to country of today and very slow rock and roll. He came from a small background and built his musical talent from the ground up. Cash was most known for his songs “Ring of Fire” and “Hurt”. I chose Johnny Cash because I thought he was really interesting and was recognized because of Elvis. Hard Rock and Heavy metal are in the same boat for the most part. Metallica was an upcoming heavy metal band during the start of the era. The music was really powerful and started with long instrumentals. One of their most popular songs was “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. They would influence the other heavy metal bands that enjoyed instrumentals. I chose Metallica because I have listened to them and I enjoy their music. I also chose them because in Heavy Metal not many bands were like Metallica. Funk music was influenced by early disco and became quite popular very fast. Daft Punk is a 2000’s funk music band. They influenced the EDM/Dubstep genre today. They are also very well known for making the Tron:Legacy soundtrack. They were influenced by previous funk and disco. I chose Daft Punk because I listen to dubstep quite often and enjoy it. I also chose them because their music was built off of older versions of funk and disco. Disco was a very popular version of early dance music. It was used to explain life in the inner city and the unemployed. Due to its popularity the genre shot up in the charts. Earth, Wind, and Fire was a very popular at the time. Their most popular song was “September”. I chose Earth, Wind, and Fire because the band was very popular and I like the music they made. Prog Rock or Progressive Rock was not seen as one of the best genres of rock. Many saw it as the slow phase of rock as each song was extremely long. The Who was the most notable band in prog rock. They are well known for their album “Tommy” that later became a movie. I chose The Who because the band stuck out to me as the Prog Rock band. Hip Hop was a very popular genre in the 70s. It was seen as a very realistic music type as it explains how life was in the inner city. Ice Cube was in an original group called NWA (However I will not state what that means for obvious reasons). He and his group influenced what people called gangsta rap. The groups most known song is Straight Outta Compton. I chose Ice Cube because he has been in some funny movies and I enjoy his early rap music. New Wave was the evolution of pop music and created multiple bands. Devo was a good band that saw an opportunity and took it. They influenced other pop bands of the 70s-80s. Devo was most known for their song Whip It. I chose Devo because they had an impact on MTV and music videos today. Grunge music was practically underground rock with a twist. Nirvana was the most popular grunge band at the time. They had made music as a way to start rebellion. Grunge music embraced the rebellion and the hate and created music off of it. Nirvana influenced the lighter rock of rock and roll. Nirvana was most known for their song Smells Like Teen Spirit. I chose Nirvana because I really enjoyed learning about them in class and the music they produced. Glam Rock is the time where theatrics came into play with music. Most popular was the single artist David Bowie but the best band was Queen. Queen was a UK band that hopped on the glam rock train pretty fast. They had influenced the further glam rock bands and even some of today’s bands like Kiss. Queen was known for many songs but the one that is seen the most when Queen is mentioned is Bohemian Rhapsody. I chose Queen for Glam Rock because I love Queen’s music and enjoy listening to it on an every so often basis. That is ten genres of Rock and Roll over the evolution of rock. Many people believe that rock may die off in the next ten years or so. I believe that these statements are true, for one reason, pop. Pop music and EDM music are becoming so mainstream that rock and roll can’t keep up no matter how good. Soon Classical music will just be Rock and Roll.