The people were like back then. I personally

The book Only Yesterday written by Frederick Lewis Allen is a fictional book discussinglife in the 1920’s. This book doesn’t go on with just one view each chapter has different views from different characters and tells their stories in differences.  Mr. F. L. Allen starts the book off by telling the readers about how much the United States had changed during 1919 to 1930. Chapter one of the story discusses a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, giving readers view of how women and men dressed in the 20’s. Mr. Allen wrote about the roles women and men played during the time: men went to work, women stayed at home doing the house chores. Although some of the characters are made up the author discusses real events and situations that went on during the 20’s like the war and beliefs. Costs of life’s essentials and accessories were going up tremendously, this event was soon known as the inflation. As the book continues on later on chapter two, the characters have now switched and President Woodrow Wilson told the public excitedly that “the war is over” starting the beginning of a new era. Soldiers returned home and making money was easier for people but everything still revolved around the war just a bit. The book discusses how much power the government had over people. U.S. going over political events well. Citizens had many questions after the war and wanted them answered. Celebration was huge during this time but soon ended because more people were looking for work, this led to more strikes and more people were getting laid off as well. In my opinion the book even if it is fiction is still a great novel to learn about how the 1920’s worked and what people were like back then. I personally enjoyed Only Yesterday by Frederick L. Allen. In the end of my reading I was more involved and enjoyed the book. It went into details of as political events, what people wanted and needed, immigrant situations, unemployment and employment in a descriptive way that pulls the reader such as myself in. Adding the characters that didn’t really exist back then (other than real people such as Woodrow Wilson) made it fun to read about what their life could’ve been like and was like in the 1920’s. In my opinion the book was interesting and had me hooked it went into details of the war well as long as political problems like the problems of immigration with great stories and perspectives of the characters. I highly recommend Only Yesterday for anyone looking to find more information about this era.