The roles within society demonstrates that gender is

The first sociological approach I will be discussing is radical feminism. Feminism is the theory that men and women are equals. Feminism took a stand in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. As I have stated before, women before the feminist movement were the home-keepers, they were and still are seen as the nurturing and caring individuals within the nuclear family, this made It hard for women to work because society expected them to be at the beck and call for there families, and many women don’t have any objections to this idea however there are women out there that strived to work and have careers of their own, they wished for the same rights as men within all aspects of society as there are no differences between men and women, the only biological difference, is women can bear children but both parents are able to provide the same amount of love and care to this child. A feminist perspective for example, according to Charles, (2002, p.4) “Ann Oakley took sex-role theory to its logical conclusion, arguing that the variety of gender roles within society demonstrates that gender is culturally defining gender as separate and separable from biological sex, and demonstrating that gender roles are learned rather than innate (Oakley, 1972)” Feminism isn’t all about women being treated less than men as men are treated unfairly too. When women give birth, she is given paternity leave however in some countries the man cannot get paternity leave or are given very little compared to the mother because they are considered the least important parent. If a women is pregnant but she doesn’t wish to keep the child, she doesn’t have to ask her male partner for permission before abortion, I feel like this is very unfair as the child is made up from both parents DNA and regardless of who’s carrying it, if the reasons are justifiable then I understand but if the women has no significant reason for an abortion and the man wishes to keep the child then I believe the man should be able to have a say to certain extent however taking into consideration that it’s the mother body. Another example of unequal treatment of men and women within society is, sports, music, and politics. Nearly all international sports are men’s teams and although there are women’s team they don’t have the same level of recognition as men’s teams. Is it because stereotypically sports are viewed as ‘masculine’ role? Within politics, Before the year 1918, no women were allowed to vote in parliamentary elections and there was less women involved in government proceedings ho