The communicate with each other better. “Every technology

The article “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk.”
written by Sherry Turkle and published by the New York Times talks about how we communicate has drastically
changed over the past several years. She pointed out that digital devices like smartphones have extremely
affected people’s way of communication and
personal life. First, she explains how
cell phone affect our daily
conversations. She also explains how
technology affect our ability to empathize.
According to her and some studies, the
conversations taught children to adults empathy. Phones and new technology has hurt our ability
to interact and properly communicate with other people face-to-face.  We no longer can empathize or read the body language of the other
people we
are interacting with. It gotten so worst that we do not even know when we are hurting the feelings of another person. The other issue of technology is that we fall to the
way of thinking that we expect the world to respond like an app and work like
algorithms. People whose attitude is like that seem to have lack of

I agree with the author’s opinion. The overuse of devices makes us not concentrate with what or who we are talking, lose our ability to empathize  and cannot gather other’s mood well. Using phones can change people’s behaviour especially
children’s and teenager’s behaviour. I also agree to the writer’s view that with the ever-changing use of technology, it can help us to communicate with each other better. “Every
technology asks us to confront human values. This is a good thing, because it
causes us to reaffirm what they are. If we are now ready to make face-to-face
conversation a priority, it is easier to see what the next steps should be.”(Turkle). Sherry is saying that if we are aware of the problem we can find solutions.
Nonetheless, I think this is important for us
to take this problem serious and think about the use of technology in the

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