The day and third day had more such

The Annual Cultural Fest “ONEIROS -14” was held at my
university, Manipal University Jaipur, from 26th to 28th September 2014. This
three-day Fest also proved to be an inter-college event, as it was marked by
performances and competitions of more than 10 colleges in and around the city.
It was a Fest organized entirely by the student community, ably assisted by the

As I have a deep interest in photography, I was keen on
covering the event. Therefore, along with my friend, I took the initiative of
the photography coverage of this cultural festival. This was a freelancing
project. It was a tough task to execute as there were many competitions spread
over 4 stages in a span of three days. I knew that I would need a team of
photographers to cover all these events. We scouted freelancing photographers
from the university students and built a team of ten.

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On day one, students participated in large
numbers in varied events namely Dancing with the Beats, Solo Dance, Poster
Making, Tell-a-Tale, Ad Making, Lan Gaming & Rangoli activities. All these
events occurred on the secondary stages, therefore, we assigned only one
photographer for each stage according to their style of photography. Fashion
Show was held on the main stage which was covered by 2 portrait photographers
including me. The second day and third day had more such events. As it was my
first venture during undergraduate study, I had a few problems while executing
it. I had to maintain the logistics of the available manpower, cameras, and
accessories. I had to allot certain responsibilities to other students
according to their capability. It was a small team, therefore all this was
relatively easier. Our work didn’t end after the third day. I had to collect
all the digital pictures from my team and submit it to the Faculty Head of
Photography which was featured in university magazines and city newspapers.