The people on our planet and we will

The following essay is about a global problem, energy crisis. I am talking about this problem because everybody who uses energy is affected by that. We have to find a solution, otherwise there will not be any resources left on our planet. The world is gonna reach a population of 10 billion soon and then we would need the resources of our earth two more times. This topic is related to physics due to the way solar power is produced. One solution would be to use solar power in pakistan. How solar power works is the sunlight hits a solar cell, on the solar panel, it knocks the electrons off to the solar cell. We should have the solar panels in pakistan because the sun shines 8 to 9 hours a day. Then it would not take as much time as it would take in Austria or Germany for example. The country has already “solar farms”, where they absorb solar power, in Pakistani, in Kashmir, Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan, where they already have absorbed 2.9 million megawatts of solar energy. Another Solution is to use wind power. To get wind power you use the air flow through wind turbines to mechanically power generators for electric power. The reasons against wind power is that a wind turbine costs a lot of money and it takes one year for a wind turbine to make more energy than it used. After this problem is solved we might have enough power for more people on our planet and we will have clean power, which could be used to improve the solar panels, in order to save even more sunlight. Everybody, who needs power is gonna be affected because then they will have more power to make new things, which improve the live on earth. Who is also affected are the people, who live in pakistan because the solar panels are gonna use a lot of space, where the people could have built houses or shopping centers.There are many reasons for and against solar power. One reason for solar power is that it is one of the ways to get energy, which does not produce pollution. Another reason for it is that Increases home safety because it does burn like oil or coal, which both produce oxygen. The last reason is that there is a lot of sunlight, which we can use to produce power, for example we have already used 20% of the oil on our earth. There are not only reasons for solar power, there are also reasons against solar power. One of them is that it costs more money to buy a solar panel, than making energy by oil. The second reason against it is  that people need power during the day and during the night, but you can only absorb sunlight during the day. The last reason against solar power is that Photovoltaic cells, if not stored correctly, might cause health problems.To conclude the solution, for the energy crisis was that we could build more solar stations in pakistan to absorb more sunlight and to get more energy. The whole planet is affected, by this solution because everybody needs energy. Pakistan is one of the only countries, which are affected in a bad way because the solar panels need a lot of space, which could be used for different things. The problem is only solved for the next thousand of years, until we can’t use the sun anymore. We have to find more than one way to get the energy because if we lose the sun, we will not have a source for energy.