The career in a wide variety of venues.

The joy I hold in
the thought of saying, “I am going to nursing school” is
inexpressible. Nursing is such an admired healthcare profession that I know
with an education from National Park College, I will exceed in greatly. My
decision to National Park College relies heavily on the school’s commitment to
community programs, and its position on research and imparting knowledge to its
students. Conjoined with my strength, resiliency and compassion, will strengthen
the beginning of a miraculous journey throughout my nursing career.

              I have spent a magnitude of time
pondering the reasons why I have chosen nursing as a career. With many, this is
a simple question to answer. Many can pinpoint a specific moment in their life,
for nursing just clicked with them personally. I, on the other hand, cannot.
Looking back, I struggle to recall times when I did not plan to pursue nursing.
Since I can remember, I have always wanted to be a nurse, never giving thoughts
to other careers, because there was never a doubt that I wouldn’t become a
nurse one day. Through my senior year and first year of college, my interest
and commitment to the nursing field became even more strong as I found that I
also had an aptitude for the work. I believe my ability to communicate with
people and to explain things clearly in both a technical and non-technical way
is one of the things that would make me a good nurse. For me, nursing seems to
be the most rewarding, diverse, and flexible career. There are also numerous
opportunities to expand your career in a wide variety of venues. From the
flexible job opportunities to the profound community impact nurses can make,
this career path has the potential to reap a lifetime of rewards.

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I have considered
that this program will be very time consuming and requires a great deal of
preparation, with that I know the measures that need to be taken in order to acquire
these particular skills. I plan on setting aside a lot of hours and time into
my studies by avoiding distractions. I am fortunate to say that my family
supports my decision to go into nursing and they understand the time I will have
to take away from family responsibilities.

My future goals
include earning my credentials as a registered nurse at National Park College. I
then plan to take online courses at Arkansas State University to receive my BSN,
while completing these courses online, I plan to work in the meantime and gain
experience. To further my education and make me one step closer to becoming a nurse
practitioner, I must earn a graduate degree. Lastly, I will earn my Masters of
Science and Nursing.

My journey will be
a long and bumpy one but one day I will be able to save someone’s life and I
think it is well worth the wait. I will learn the value of one’s life as a
nurse, when I see patients fighting to say alive. I believe anyone with strong
values, respect for human life, compassion for the suffering and empathy will
be attracted to the nursing career like myself.