The of the nomothetic approach is to acquire

The booklet will describe and evaluate research methods which were used by different perspectives. A key debate is the one among the two psychologist methodology: nomothetic and idiographic. The debate concerns that method of inquiry is great essential and which enables significant and more valid investigation into the field of psychology.Nomothetic research is mainly used in experiments as it is quantitative.  The main point of the nomothetic approach is to acquire objective understanding by using scientific methods. Hence quantitative methods, to attempt and collect statistically significant outcomes.  The method is considered as scientific because provides precise measurement, behaviour under control, investigations of enormous groups, objective and as the methods are controlled that enables for replication and generalisation.The idiographic approach, is different from the nomothetic approach, relies on the individual.  It recommends that every single person is unique as consequence of that everyone should be studied in an individual way. Because of that general laws are impossible. The investigation an individual used by idiographic approach produces qualitative data, investigating the individual. Case studies are one of the common method as well as clinical interview, diaries/biographies and unstructured interviews. Idiographic approach maintains fully to understand the uniqueness of individuals this provides a more complete understanding of the individual. As a result of this focus the individual is more likely to feel valued and unique. Also despite the approach is unscientific, but it meets the criteria of science by providing description of individual. The nomothetic and idiographic approach reflects valid conduct to research. However, it depends on each approach, the investigation of research. The idiographic approach would be great for description, whereas idiographic is important for predictions.