The understands all the theology behind salvation the

The word gospel literally means “good news”. Indeed, Christ
death in our stead, his burial and his strength of victory over the grave is
good news by placing your trust in him and in the payment he already paid for our
sins, we are reconciled to God and given a home in heaven this is the message
of the soul-winner. Some people complicate the message; by so Front-loading
with complicated terminology and extra-biblical requirements that it becomes
more of a discussion point among mature Christians than an invitation to the

In truth volumes have been written on the doctrine of salvation,
however, those of us who have shared the gospel with lost people and have seen
many come to Christ know that no one understands all the theology behind
salvation the day they are saved, nor do they need to. They simply need to
understand the gospel itself, and turn in faith to Christ.

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While some complicated message, others make it shallow. They’re monotonous
and trite in their presentation making it more of a sales pitch to pray a
prayer than a call to turn in repentance and in Christ for salvation.  Shallow presentations of the gospel tend to
yield professions of salvation with no fruit of change lives. Both extremes,
the complicated front loaded requirements and the shallow trite presentations
garble the message with which we have been entrusted. We must learn to share
the gospel in its pure simplicity for relying on the Holy Spirit to convict
hearts and to be the true soul winner.


Or is a basic set of verses called the Romans road because they
are mainly from the book of Romans, which clearly gives the main truths of the
gospel that we are sinners condemned by God, that Christ died for sins, and
that he offers us the gift of salvation.


I would like to emphasize to the new soul-winner to learn and
memorize these verses and be prepared to share them with a loss person at any
time and in any setting. We will have the opportunities to go door knocking
together, you may have a cup of coffee with a friend or family member
privately, etc. You may even want to mark these verses in a New Testament so
they are easy for you to find as you witness.


My vice also wonders, however, is let the Holy Spirit lead you
and guide you with which scriptures to use as you share the gospel. While
having a starting place is important, and the Romans road is a clear way to
share the gospel, realize the Holy Spirit will sometimes leave you to use other
scriptures. A basic framework, are the four main truths in verses that we will
provide for you so you may to share the gospel with someone who’s lost.


In order to start a conversation I’ll often say depending on the
situation, and setting, “has anyone ever shown you from the Bible how you can
know that you’re 100% sure you’ll be in heaven?” Or “if you were to die today
do know what you don’t heaven, or would you have some doubt about that?” If
they show any doubt I’ll ask them if they would allow me to have a few minutes
of their time to show them what the Bible says about knowing for sure they’ll
be in heaven.