The murder and once he gets to the

The next morning Raskolnikov got up panicking to get the blood off his clothes. He also stole back the item he pawned and he is trying to hide them but does not know where to put them. Later Nastasya came in to give Raskolnikov a summon by the police station. He was worried it was about the murder and once he gets to the police station he was relieved once he figure out that it was his landlady had reported him as a debtor, which still was not good for him but a little better. Once he was leaving he heard the police talking about the murder of the pawnbroker and her sister, they call him in to interview him, after they had interviewed him he was really nervous that they suspected him as a murder suspect. Once he gets back to his house he thought about throw the things he stole from the pawn shop in the river, but ends up digging a big hole in the backyard and hiding in there. Then his friend Razumikhin came to see him and he was worried about Raskolnikov health and later came back with Nastasya and a doctor, Zossimov, to help him because he was very ill because he had been hallucinating and he was very weak, Zamyotov, a detective, have also been to visit during his sickness. Zossimov, Razumikhin, and Nastasya discuss the murder of the pawnbroker and her sister. There has been a painter that has been charged with the murder and Razumikhin has been working hard to clear his name. The painter was found to be in possession of some earrings that had been pawned to the old woman. The earrings could have been dropped by the real murderer while he was trying to get way and out of the building, that’s what Razumikhin was trying to prove. Then a strange man appeared at his door, it was Luzhin, Dunya’s finacè, but nobody treats him with respect and everybody gives him a cold shoulder. Everybody starts to talk again and Razumikhin and Zossimov start to talk about the murders again and start to make conclusion on how it could not be an professional murder because of all the money that was left in the house. The Luzhin and Raskolnikov get into a fight and Luzhin storms out and then Raskolnikov then yells at everybody in the room to get out, after they talked to him about the murder. Once Raskolnikov felt a little better he got up and started to walk along the street and seeing many people walking, Then he ran into the detective Zamyotov and started a conversation where he almost confessed to the murder, then keeps walking going across a bridge where he almost makes a suicide attempt. He then stop at Alyona’s apartment and just stares at the people redecorating. While walking Raskolnikov sees Marmeladov laying almost dead on the street and takes his body to his nearby home but later dies, and Raskolnikov faints shortly after getting home and and Razumikhin takes charge for caring for Raskolnikov.