The a correct way for succeeding in

The internet is a major valuable tool which plays a significant
role in today’s young people’s lives. It is believed students engage online in
both inside and outside of the classes, however, there are some compulsory and
restricted ways to benefit, students generally struggle to detect good quality information
from the extensive amount of information available.

Fake news has become a dominant problem globally changing the
public conviction. in addition, it has also become a threat to the democracy
and causing open debates. According to (Spencer, J. 2016) the article problem
with fake news states that there are factors which can help any academic
learner to identify appropriate from the inappropriate information shown as
news or other means.

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Using the internet is the most frequent routine of today’s
children and adolescents, especially on a website which allows social
interaction along with entertainment and communication. In this manner, the
main welfare for using social media is that allows socialization as in getting
information about what is happening in the area and what other people share,
communication helps in contacting other people worldwide through instant
messaging, voice calls, and video conferencing for business and all other

Furthermore, not all websites are safe for children and
adolescents so it is important that parents are aware of what their children
are browsing on the internet and understand social media because there are
risks being considered on this purpose children may unknowingly be directed to
websites or online games which are violent or contain sexual or other content
that is inappropriate for children. (O’Keeffe & Clarke Pearson, 2011)

It is discovered that scrutinizing internet as an academic source
to find information which can help in research for studies and other variety of
information, there are chances to get invalid information so on it is necessary
to adopt a critical approach towards the website for checking if its authenticable
and reputable by knowing its title, author, date, and the contents. (McCormack, J. & Slaght, J.,

To conclude with all evidence showing that internet is a valuable
tool for finding study topic researches, news, and getting engaged in social
networks but it should be used in a correct way for succeeding in all the
activities done online.