The it must pass an insurance test. If


The product in order to qualify and approve it must pass an
insurance test. If it does not meet the standards of this test. It fails to be
categorized as a life insurance policy and becomes an investment policy,
however approved benefits plans are issued and underwritten by the Insurance


The product will be provided through various agencies
partnered with insurance companies, as these agencies will acquire agents to
become licensed in order to solicit specific insurance policies.

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Data about each potential client developed by an agent is incorporated
in the insurance companies. The software catalog that includes all required contact

The software observes the status of the proposals shown by
the agents thus enabling sales managers at all levels to view agents’ claims for
clients or from its software. During the application process of being confirmed
with the contract, the company  process documents
the client’s contact information to design and 
better modify to the client’s needs, based on the information provided.

Additionally our process  negotiations a component which allows for the production
of lists of potential clients from the catalogue and then assigns them to the
company advisors. The group manager may manage the operate of the consultants operationally,
observing the amount of calls made, organized meetings or the number of non-completed
(non-contract finalized) offers.

However the system does not allow for the use of incorrect documents.
All documents is made by the method with no user affect. When the company concludes
to change the document content or its template, it may be uploaded into the
system only by certified system supervisors. 

Our strategy is to achieve financial
peace of mind and security; we can accomplish this through our various
crediting plan.  We offer both fixed
interest and indexed interesting crediting strategy, depending on the
distribution chosen, the policy can earn a certain amount. So with a secure account,
interest is calculated using a compound method assuming a 365 day year.  This rate credited will never be less or
exceed the guaranteed benefit for the policy


However, the indexed interest credit
earning is based on the performance of the S 500 Index


Another method we use is a point to
point strategy. This matches the worth of the S Index at the start of the
one year section erm to the worth of the end year and determines the percentage
of increase or decrease.


There is no cap on the potential
interest earnings, even though an interest rate range is subtracted from the
interest earning in substitute for the advantage of not having a cap on potential

The participating rate is 100% with a
0% floor.


For example, If the index value
increased 30%, but there is 5% interest rate spread on the strategy, the
strategy will be credited 25%. On the other hand, if the index decreased -4%,
but there is a 0% floor on the strategy, the strategy will credit 0%.


This was a great strategy especially
during the financial crises of 2008 when the market declined 38.49%, the 0%
floor on the indexed plans would have resulted in 0% interest credited instead
of a negative interest rate.The
purpose of life insurance will differ
with your age and accountabilities. The amount of assurance you buy should
depend on the everyday of living you wish to guarantee for you and your children.

It is very important to anticipate the amount of
income accessible to your children when you pass away. On the other hand, while
you are we have features that will allow you receive income while you are still
alive. Social security assistances, free cash and other traces of income and savings
may not offer the normal standard of living. Life insurance helps protect financial
needs of your dependents, you and the amount offered from other sources, is the
quantity to be financed by life insurance. Your agent can help you with these approximates.

the cost of the premium rate for a life insurance policy is based on two fundamental
ideas death and interest. Another is the payment factor which is the quantity the
business adds to the cost of the policy to include actual costs of selling protection,
financing the premiums, and paying claims.


– Life insurance is created on the distributing of the risk of death by a large
group of people. The sum at risk must be identified to analyze the cost to each
member of the group. Mortality tables are consumed to give the company a basic quantity
of how much money it will need to pay for death claims each year.


– The second factor used in estimating the premium is interest earnings.Specific
Firms finance your premiums in S & P 500, which create a certain amount of
interest on these supported funds.


– The third factor is the expenditures of functioning the business. The quantity
charged to include each policy’s share of expenses of operation is called the
expense loading. This is a expenditure area that can vary from company to
company based on its procedures and competence.