The is local government which works best

The counties of Kenya are geographical units thought about by the 2010 Constitution of Kenya to form devolved government units.


County government is local government which works best when local residents are involved and active. The local government provides local government services.

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What is a county?


A county is a geographical region in Kenya used for administrative or development purposes.

What is devolution in Government?


Devolution in Kenya is the statutory delegation of powers from the central government of the Republic of Kenya to govern at a sub-national, regional or local level. Devolved territories make relevant legislation affecting their administrative area.


Decentralization distributes or disperses away from a central location or authority:


1.  functions,

2.  powers,

3.  people or

4.  products and services.


Centralization relating to the governmental scene is widely studied and practiced. But there is no common and useful definition or understanding of “decentralization”.


Working examples of devolution


Theoretically, decentralization distributes power to territories that “want” more authority over their own affairs. A global example of devolution is found in the United Kingdom. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland exercise authority over their own lands, but remain part of the U.K.


The United Kingdom is made up of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Devolution here implies the shift of powers from the UK parliament (London) to the Cardiff and Belfast assemblies and the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.


What is Great Britain?


Great Britain is the whole of England, Scotland and Wales together except Northern Ireland but including the islands of Isle of Wight, Anglesey, the Isles of Scilly, the Hebrides and the island groups of Orkney and Shetland also belong to Great Britain.


Is Great Britain the same as United Kingdom?


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland refers to the political union between:


1.    England,

2.    Wales,

3.    Scotland and

4.    Northern Ireland.


The UK is a sovereign state, but the nations that make it up are also countries in their own right.


What is the difference between Britain and Great Britain?


The official group name is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. If Scotland left Great Britain it would become just England. The difference between Britain and Great Britain is that Britain is England and Wales while Great Britain is Britain plus Scotland.


Is England a country?


England as a country is part of Great Britain which also includes Scotland and Wales. The United Kingdom includes all of these countries and also Northern Ireland, it is a sovereign state comprising of the 4 countries together.


What’s the difference of England, Great Britain, United Kingdom?

Is there really a difference?

1.    London is the capital of England.

2.    England is a country.

3.    England and Wales make Britain

4.    England, Wales, and Scotland make Great Britain

5.    the union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (on the same island of Ireland with the Republic of Ireland.) makes the United Kingdom (UK)

6.    The Republic of Ireland is outside of the UK.

7.     London is also the capital of the United Kingdom.

There are common references to London, England, and Great Britain. All residents of the UK are British subjects. The people of Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are known as the Welsh, Scottish, and Irish, respectively, and not British.
Source: Denver Public Library “England, Great Britain, United Kingdom: What’s the Difference?”

Many people use the terms United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England interchangeably. But there is a difference between them:

1.    one is a country,

2.    one is an island, and

3.    one is a part of an island.

Avoid referring to UK as Great Britain or England as they are different but the similar as in above explanation.

The union jack flag combines elements from all unification constituents except wales.

Could you say that devolution is a success for Scotland?


“Devolution has failed Scotland thanks to the country’s political leaders obsessing about the constitution instead of making effective use of the powers they have, a damning new report concluded today.”

– The Telegraph: Devolution has failed Scotland thanks to constitutional ‘red herring’, says report


What is devolution in Kenya?


The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 creates a decentralized system of government wherein two of the three arms of government; namely the Legislature and the Executive are devolved to the 47 Political and Administrative Counties as provided for under Article 6 and specified in the First Schedule.


Source: Kenya Law: Laws on Devolution


What is the proper role of the national government?


Functions of National Government.


Kenya’s central government is controlled through the Constitution of Kenya. Administrative and policy making powers are distributed to the government’s three arms namely:


1.  Executive,

2.  Legislature and

3.  Judiciary.


What is the proper role of the county government?


As an agent of the state, the county government serves the entire county in some major responsibilities including:


1.  building and maintaining roads,

2.  recreational facilities and, in some cases,

3.  county airports;

4.  constructing and operating jails;

5.  operating the judicial system;

6.  maintaining public records;

7.  collecting property taxes;

8.  issuing vehicle registration and transfers; and

9.  registering voters.