(3) Diffusion ends up in transformation. This transformation is ob­served in the receiving culture. If the Gonds begin to worship Hindu gods and goddesses, their culture experiences a new culture of worship.

It could be said that the conceptual utility of diffusion in the growth of culture was marginal only a few decades back. With the emergence of the global village, diffusion has assumed a special signifi­cance. There is a multi-way process in the present globalization con­text for culture transmission. Such a situation can only be explained by culture diffusion.

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The total part played by this process in human culture is almost incredibly great. This is quite corollary to what has been said before to the effect that all cultures are largely hybrid com­posites of material that once entered them from outside. Naively, human beings do not realize this to any great extent.

It is of no advan­tage to a society, ordinarily, to have its members aware of the foreign source of most of their culture; nor is it a satisfaction to most individu­als to be reminded of this debt to aliens. So, the fact tends to be forgotten perhaps more rapidly even than most events of history.