The am currently devoted all my free time

The reason I want to be helper is because I feel I need more responsibility! I really like this server and want to dedicate my time to it! I believe I should be a Helper for jartex for the following reasons: I am very mature, I am very kind, I am very helpful, Rules following, and devotion and dedication. Now that I have stated my reasons, I shall begin to elaborate.I am very mature, very kind, and very helpful. I meet those requirements both when I am in-game and when I am on the forums. I am constantly reminding players that are not following the rules to kindly follow the rules, such as Cursing, or spamming. Or an example in game would be somebody Micro-posting, or double-posting. I am very helpful because when I am in-game or on the forums, I will respond to any questions that people are asking me, many questions that I often get are ‘How do I apply for Helper?’ I follow all the jartex rules. I am following all the jartex rules, like I stated earlier, I am reminding players that are not abiding by the rules to stop. And if they do not follow the rules after I ask them, I will take screenshots and I will report them. Now for my final reason, my dedication and devotion to jertex. I am currently devoted all my free time to jartex, and doing what I can to help the outcome of the Server. A few reasons to explain my dedication to jartex would be, donating, I can’t really elaborate much on that. My second reason is reporting players. I spend a good chunk of my free time sitting around in one of the jartex lobbies, looking out for anybody that is not following the rules. But when I am not searching for rule-breakers, I always have my eyes peeled for anybody to report.I want to become a Helper for jartex for only one reason, and that is to help out the Server for the greater good. I want to make other players jarex experience the best that it can be, without fly hackers, spammers, etc. I really want to play my role and do the best that I can possibly do on jartex