The known as Thanksgivings Day. The most tragic

The Native Americans were the people of land. Also, they were important to land. Sometimes it was hard to communicate with the people because their language were composed of many different languages. Later on, the Native Americans interact with the white settlers by trading, teaching the white settlers to plant, and diseases. That almost kill off the Native Americans. When the first settlers, Pilgrims came to the new land. They didn’t know to farm. However, the Indians came to the rescue they helped by planting squash, beans, and corn. Also, they taught them to navigate on their own, and what plants were poisonous. After this interaction, all the people came together and had a big feast, a positive outcome. The Pilgrims received the most benefit because they were taught everything, but the Indians were invited to the feast that is now known as Thanksgivings Day. The most tragic thing happened, more and more white settlers came. The Indians were introduced new diseases that could not defeat. Some experts say that only 90 percent of the American Indian population may have died. The white settlers were affected by this too. It was negative interaction between with white settlers. Neither of the people received any benefit from this, it was a bloody massacre. Some people say that it was all the settlers fault, but how should they have known. The Indians became very interested in things that the colonists own. Native hunters were to trade prepared deer hides and other pelts for lengths of colored cloth. Metal tools such as axes, hoes, and knives became valuable new resources for the Indians. Soon American Indian men put aside their bows and arrows for European firearms, powder, and lead shot. The interaction with the white settlers was a positive and negative. The more trading they did, the more they depended on the white settlers. For example, Indians forget their ways to hunt and became more focused on trading with the white settlers. The outcome was the white settlers received the most benefit from the trade. In conclusion, the white settlers and the Native Americans interaction was half good and half bad. Native Americans helped the white settlers to plant seeds. Trading with people and getting your needs. The diseases that almost wiped out both people in the process. We should all stay strong no matter the cost.