The Heaven” by Billie Holiday, was to

The song “Pennies from
Heaven” by Billie Holiday is a song that touched the hearts of many people
during the hard time of the Great Depression in the 1930s. This song was originally
written by Johnny Burke in 1936 for the singer Bing Crosby and Billie Holiday
later released another version in the same year. Billie Holiday was an American
jazz musician and singer-songwriter and had been performing for nearly thirty
years. This song was one of the biggest hits in the 1930s and was used to reflect
the history of that period. The great depression was a dramatic catastrophe and
was the inspiration for the song to be written.  The purpose of the song, “Pennies from Heaven”
by Billie Holiday, was to encourage others to have hope and seek out the
positives that will come from the hardship of the great depression.

            The song sung so beautifully by Billie Holiday was one
that was written during the hard time of the great depression in order to lift
the spirits of others. The great depression was a tragic period in which the
economy was in crisis and many citizens were in trouble. During the great depression,
many were dealing with hard times and were struggling to keep amends. The heart
lifting song was later released in hopes to heal ones who needed words of
encouragement. The song begins by remember the 1920s, when the best things were
free and then continues by motivating others to wait out the storm. The great
depression influenced the author to write this song to persuade others to view
the good that will follow from this misfortune.

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            Billie Holiday beautifully sings about how good things
are created through every challenge we face. As she sings, you can hear in
Holiday’s voice the hope she has for the positivity that will soon emerge from
obstacles placed in anyone’s way. In the song “Pennies from Heaven, Holiday
sings the verse “And every time it rains, it rain, pennies from heaven.” In
many forms of poetry the word “rain” is often a negative connotation whereas “pennies”
and “heaven” are more likely viewed as a positive. This portrays the image that
with every downfall or problem that enters one’s life, there is a good that is
extracted out of it. When thinking about rain, most will assume that it is an
inconvenienced placed in one’s day. However, when Billie sings, “pennies from
heaven”, she is referring to the blessings that will be placed back into one’s
life. Pennies from heaven are a symbol of happiness. No matter the amount of
rain, things will turn out ok in the end. The popular song by Billie Holiday
helps lifts spirits by opening a view for others to see the good that emerges
from every hindrance.

            In her popular song “Pennies from Heaven,” Holiday is
able to magically display the benefits of battling and facing challenges. Holiday
hums the lesson of confronting one’s tragedies by singing the verse, “And, when
you hear it thunder, don’t run under a tree.” This song reveals that when
presented a problem, it is important to stand tall and break down each complication.

When listening to Holiday’s song, one can only view the tree as protection from
the thunder mentioned. The word “thunder” in the song is propped as the
difficulty entering one’s life and the “tree” is the barrier between one and
one’s problem. Billie Holiday sings the truth of hiding from challenges and is
explaining the benefits of getting down to the problem. Billie emphasizes on the
damage that hiding from negativities can cause because there is good that is
contained in all situations. Also, in reality when running from thunder, it can
actually be quite harmful to hide under a tree since lighting is attracted to
high points. This reveals that sometimes it can do more damage to try to escape
from a problem than to try to face it. Holiday clearly conveys the importance of
facing every problem by highlighting the gifts that will be delivered when
destroying the obstruction.

            “Pennies from Heaven” by Billie Holiday, was announced in
hopes to inspire others to trust in the good that will arise from the challenges
presented from the great depression. This song was written during a hard time
for the economy to encourage others to keep their head up and sought out
happiness through all the adversity. Billie Holiday sings this song to show
that wonderful things are presented through any hard situation and it is
important to keep our eyes open. The word “rain” and “thunder” are displayed in
the song as the negativity entering our live. However, “pennies from heaven”
are the gift sprinkled down upon us after learning to fight through our
affliction. “Pennies from Heaven” is a beautiful song that blocked citizens
from falling into a pit during a horrendous time for the united states and
reminded us of the fortune found through all situations.